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January -

Gus Solves Queer Gas Line Troubles

July -

Gus Looks For Trouble
February - Faulty Wheel Adjustment August - Gus Wilson Misses A Trick
March - Don't Trust Your Ears September - Gus Wins On Double Trouble
April - Gus Builds A Motor Tester October - A Bargain From Gus
May - Varnish- A New Engine Trouble November - Gus Solves A Stinger
June - Tail Light Troubles December - Gus Takes A Holiday

 In The News...

●    Germany invades Poland; occupies Bohemia and Moravia; renounces pact with England and concludes 10-year non-aggression pact with USSR.

●    Russo-Finnish War begins; Finns to lose one-tenth of territory in 1940 peace treaty.

●    World War II begins. (For detailed chronology, see World War II.)

●    In U.S., Roosevelt submits $1,319-million defense budget, proclaims U.S. neutrality, and declares limited emergency.

●    Einstein writes FDR about feasibility of atomic bomb. New York World's Fair opens.

●    DAR refuses to allow Marian Anderson to perform.

●    Gone with the Wind premieres.

Automotive News

●    First Hydramatic transmission - 1940 Oldsmobile

●    First Lincoln Continental