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January -

Winter Fuel Problems

July -

When Your Car Won't Run


February -

Spotting Ignition Trouble

August -

Can You Afford A New Car?


March -

Gus Gives Your Battery A Chance

September -

Common Sense Makes Good Drivers


April -

Check Your Wiring

October -

Are You Wasting Gasoline?


May -

Hunting Squeaks and Rattles

November -

Keep Your Car Looking New


June -

When You're Stuck In The Mud

December -

Tips On Trailers


In The News...

●    Germans occupy Rhineland. Italy annexes Ethiopia.

●    Rome-Berlin Axis proclaimed (Japan to join in 1940).

●    Trotsky exiled to Mexico.

●    King George V dies; succeeded by son, Edward VIII, who soon abdicates to marry an  American-born divorcée, and is succeeded by brother, George VI.

●    Spanish civil war begins. Hundreds of Americans join the "Lincoln Brigades."

(Franco's fascist forces defeat Loyalist forces by 1939, when Madrid falls.)

●    War between China and Japan begins, to continue through World War II.

●    Japan and Germany sign anti-Comintern pact; joined by Italy in 1937.

Automotive News

●    Nash joins with Kelvinator Refrigerator

●    Porsche builds the first Volkswagen

●    REO changes from car production to trucks

●    First production diesel cars - Mercedes