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January -

Why Wouldn't This Car Run?

July -

How Is Your Driving Eye?

February -

Power To Your Motor

August -

Are Your Headlights Safe?

March -

Troubles That Turn Cars Into Oil Hogs

September -

Tales That Spark Plugs Tell

April -

Hunting Your Car's Caster

October -

Traps To Avoid In Buying A Used Car

May -

Saving Dollars On Your Car

November -

Watch Your Ammeter

June -

Tuning Up Car For Summer Use

December -

When Your Starter Balks

 In The News...

●    Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria assassinated by Nazis.

●    Hitler becomes fűhrer.

●    USSR admitted to League of Nations.

●    Dionne sisters, first quintuplets to survive beyond infancy, born in Canada.

●    Mao Zedong begins the Long March north with 100,000 soldierss.

Automotive History

●    Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow body introduced

   Airflow cars have automatic overdrive transmission

●    First supercharged Graham