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January -

How To Locate Motor Knocks

July -

Auto Glass That's Crashproof

February -

What To Do When Brakes Won't Hold

August -

Why Your Car's MotOr Gets Hot

March -

Don't Starve Your Car's Battery

September -

New Gears Shift Themselves

April -

Choose Your Sparkplugs

October -

Plain Cures To Motor Ills

May -

Longer Life for Car Valves

November -

Speedometers Sometimes Tell Lies

June -

Save Oil and Pay For Repairs

December -

Quick Starts On Cold Mornings


In The News...  

●    Hitler appointed German chancellor, gets dictatorial powers.

●    Reichstag fire in Berlin; Nazi terror begins.

●    Germany and Japan withdraw from League of Nations.

●    Giuseppe Zangara executed for attempted assassination of president-elect Roosevelt in which     Chicago mayor Cermak is fatally shot.

●    Roosevelt inaugurated ( "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" ); launches New Deal.

    Prohibition repealed.

    USSR recognized by U.S.