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Latest Transmission Tricks-

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In The News...

●    Spain becomes a republic with overthrow of King Alfonso XIII.

●    German industrialists finance 800,000-strong Nazi party.

●    British parliament enacts statute of Westminster, legalizing dominion equality with Britain.

●    Mukden Incident begins Japanese occupation of Manchuria.

●    In U.S., Hoover proposes one-year moratorium of war debts.

●    Harold C. Urey discovers heavy hydrogen.

●    Gangster Al Capone sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion (freed in 1939; dies in 1947).

●    Notorious Scottsboro trial begins, exposing depth of Southern racism.

●    "The Star Spangled Banner" officially becomes national anthem.

Automotive News

●    Fred S. Duesenberg killed in car crash (in his own Duesenberg.)