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January -

Car Rattles

July -

Tricks That Add To Driving Comfort

February -

Does Your Car Need New Piston Rings?

August -

Do Your Spark Plugs Match Your Driving?

March -

When Your Motor Misses

September -

Gus Tells How To Stop Brake Chatter

April -

Check Up On Your Clutch

October -

Gus Gives A Lesson In Careful Driving

May -

Hints on a Quick Get-Away

November -

Gus Says Quit Your Skidding

June -

How To Adjust Shock Absorbers

December -

Don't Drive A Rolling Ice Box


In The News...

●    Saar incorporated into Germany after plebiscite.

●    Nazis repudiate Versailles Treaty, introduce compulsory military service.

●    Mussolini invades Ethiopia;

●    League of Nations invokes sanctions.

●    Roosevelt opens second phase of New Deal in U.S., calling for social security, better housing, equitable taxation, and farm assistance.

●    Huey Long assassinated in Louisiana

Automotive History

●    First all-steel turret top - Fisher Body

●    First Lincoln Zephyr (1936 model)