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January -

How To Fit New Piston Rings 

July -

Gus Explains Mystery of Vibration In Car

February -

Gus Tells How To Save Gas

August -

Don't Wreck Your Car

March -

Your Next Car...New or Used?


How To Keep Your Car Looking New

April -

Why Cleanliness Pays on Chassis and Motor


How A Car's Ammeter Can Warn of Ignition Trouble 

May -

New Controls


Gus Tells How To Inspect A Stalled Motor

June -

Why Motors Die Suddenly On The Road


Anti-Freeze Problem

In The News...

●    Nazis lead in German elections with 230 Reichstag seats.

●    Famine in USSR.

●    In U.S., Congress sets up Reconstruction Finance Corporation to stimulate economy.

●    Veterans march on Washington - most leave after Senate rejects payment of cash bonuses; others removed        by troops under Douglas MacArthur.

●    U.S. protests Japanese aggression in Manchuria.

●    Amelia Earhart is first woman to fly Atlantic solo.

●    Charles A. Lindbergh's baby son kidnapped, killed.

●    Bruno Richard Hauptmann arrested in 1934, convicted in 1935, executed in 1936.)

Automotive News

●    Oakland Division becomes Pontiac Division of GM