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We are always in search of new information and material related to the Gus Stories.

Here is an e-mail regarding Stewart Rouse:

Subject: Gus and the Model Garage
Date: Sunday, August 26, 2012, 7:47 AM

I am in England and have just spent an enjoyable time reading your site. Ahhh,..... those were the days!! I found your site looking for information on Stewart Rouse known in some circles as "the Flying Artist". My interest, among other things is yesteryears model aeroplanes and I  found an article about Mr Rouse building and successfully flying a model aeroplane towing a model glider - no mean feat in 1932!! It would appear, sadly, that there is little information on this gentleman but I will continue my enquiries - I presume that you did not find anything at a later date? His illustrations are remarkable.


Subject: Re: Gus and the Model Garage
To: "Mike Hammerberg" <poppp49@yahoo.com>
Date: Sunday, August 26, 2012, 10:57 AM

Mike, hello, so nice of you to make contact.

 The only thing I have is what I came across among some old magazines and papers - and it a photo copy that someone must have given me some 30 years ago.

 I have attached it below - it is about 30cm x 21cm and so may need bringing up to full size to be fully legible. I cannot say from where it originated but it was probably in one of the early American Model Magazines - for example "Flying Aces" was one.

 I am also asking around in the Vintage model Aircraft Group in England and I believe that the Group in America is fairly strong and like in England is known as SAM - Society of Antique Modellers!! (the Models being the antiques of course!!). 




Note: Click on above picture for full-sized pdf document