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Stewart Rouse-Addendum   Stewart Rouse Gallery   Stewart Rouse Donations

To: Reader

From: Editor

Popular Science Monthly, February 1946 p. 6

"Stewart Rouse is the staff artist who has made so many of the cutaway drawings that help the rest of us understand such commonplace complexities as the automatic transmission, and the radio proximity fuse.  Incidentally, the Bureau of Standards said Rouse's pictorial explanation of the VT fuse (PSM, Dec. '45 p.86) was the clearest available, asked (and was granted) permission to use the drawings.  Rouse is a lanky Lincolnesque character who came from the tall corn country by way of Chicago's famous Art Institute.  Perhaps because of his own altitude (6 ft. 41/2 in.) he has always been somewhat air happy, once built a homemade airplane that a harsh government refused to let him fly."

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