July 1925 - December 1970
Gus Wilson's Model Garage
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     Another great resource from the past, one that fired my imagination, was the Boy Mechanic Series from the editors of Popular Mechanics.  The first series of three books was published in 1913 and the fourth book in 1925.  Later releases came in the forties and then a final run in the fifties.  The later editions were only 200 pages per edition while the early editions were 400+ pages.     Links to pdf and other format files on The Gutenberg Project site and ForgottenBooks.com:

Volume 1 (1913)    Volume 2 (1915)    Volume 3 (1919)    Volume 4 (1924)


more interesting books

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also at   http://www.leevalley.com

Volume One

Volumes One to Four

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Cover Page From The Boy Mechanic Volume One

(not for the faint of heart)

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Copyright 1913 by H. H. Windsor

Popular Mechanics Press