July 1925 - December 1970
Gus Wilson's Model Garage
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1 Gus Diagnoses the Flat-Tire Case  14 Gus Licks a Weighty Problem
2 Gus Tames a Grease Monkey 15 Gus Teaches the Teacher
3 Gus Rescues a Rookie 16 Gus Straightens Out an Average Driver
4 Gus Faces a Lawsuit 17 Gus Tames a Tough Bird
5 Gus Plants an Idea 18 Gus Keeps a Lady in Line
6 Gus Challenges an Electronic Marvel 19 Gus Separates the Men from the Boys
7 Gus Turns Private Eye 20 Gus Cure the Big-Car Blues
8 Gus Salvages a Vacation 21 Gus Plays a Diplomatic Role
9 Gus Fixes a Race 22 Gus Gives the Doctor a Checkup
10 Gus Pulls a Switch 23 Gus Sweetens a Sour Deal
11 Gus Thaws a Frozen Driver 24 Gus Puts in a Plug for the Teen-agers
12 Gus Takes a Long Chance 25 Gus Picks Up Three of a Kind
13 Gus Plays with Fire