July 1925 - December 1970
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Welcome to the stepping off point to the "Gus" stories. 


    You can access them through many portals. Above are links to the various decades or you can view through the Complete List of Titles in the sidebar or the graphical interface of the Index links in the top bar. 

    I've just finished the 3rd site-wide edit and have now, hopefully, found all the inconsistencies and typos.  If something sounds odd to you please let me know and I'll get it corrected.

    I've also added a viewing capability of the original scans.  You can access that through the "cover" link at the bottom of each story.  Once on the cover page, click on the cover picture and  you'll get the pdf version. Another way of accessing the original story scans is through the pdf storehouse page in the link bar above.

   Newest offering is a library of all the stories downloadable in Microsoft Word Format.

   Have a good time getting to know Gus and all his friends.

Mike Hammerberg

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