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July 12, 1915 - July 10, 2005


    I first came across Lyle Best in 1970 while I was a student at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.  I had bought a used 1963 Studebaker and was in need of parts and repair expertise.  It was recommended that I look up Lyle who owned the Best Motor Company in Inkster, North Dakota.  Inkster is a small town about thirty miles west of Grand Forks so I high-tailed out in that direction.

Lyle and My Checker 1984

    I met Lyle that day and afterward we became good friends,  He was similar to Gus in that he took in most every kind of work, on any make of car and was a real problem solver. Inkster was a town of about 150 people with no paved streets save for one stretch that connected it to the main highway.  Surrounding the garage was land filled with parts cars of all vintages and makes.  As a city boy from Chicago I was fascinated.  North Dakota used no salt in the winter and so the older vehicles even those in the junkyards were rust-free.  Lyle and I spent many a day talking about mechanics and vehicles and funny things that happened throughout his life.  Colorful and a good heart seems an understatement in describing the man.  I'll always remember him as he is in this picture, a dear friend full of knowledge and fun. He is sorely missed.

Mike Hammerberg


Inkster, North Dakota

Lyle Best, Owner