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My Dad

I have been blessed to have known many great men and women in my life.  Foremost among them all was my dad, Edgar Hammerberg.  He taught me many lessons throughout his life and I'm constantly reminded of his advice, his strength and his kindness.  My dad was a true renaissance man.  It seemed that there was nothing he couldn't do, whether it was overhauling an engine, writing with insight and humor, developing pictures or a hundred little things that enriched the lives of my brothers and sister.  He was born in Chicago in 1911 and moved to a new house in 1915 only two blocks away.  He lived there nearly all his life until he passed away in June of 2008.  One of his enlightened birthday gifts was a subscription to Popular Science.  What a gift it was for then at the ripe old age of 8 I now had mail delivered with my name printed on the label. Wow!  I remember being so happy with each issue and reading all the amazing articles.  It was then that I first got to know Gus Wilson and the Model Garage.  Thanks Dad, Thanks for everything.

Dad's Narrative on growing up in Chicago

Dad's Sailboat Plans-Popular Science 1931

The Katty Wampus in Pinecastle Florida 1938

Katty Wampus Booklet

King Oscar Lodge Class of 1921

Noonan Malmstrom Foundry