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Ruth Westphal

    Having been a mechanic,  I was always amazed at how technically accurate the Model Garage series was.  At the time I thought that Martin Bunn must've been one helluva mechanic with an amazing breadth of knowledge.  When I found out that Martin Bunn was but a pen-name I began to wonder anew about the writers.

   Recently I had a feedback comment come into my inbox.  I found it so incredibly interesting that I asked permission to post it.  Here goes:

I was a kid in the 70's and loved all things mechanical - reading the old PS Magazines was a natural fit.  I always try to pick them up whenever I see them reasonably priced at a yard sale of flea-market.  Until I looked at your site I had no idea Model Garage went back to 1925 or that they stopped in 1970.  I also didn't know the author was named Martin Bunn, I don't recall seeing his by-line on any of the stories.  I always assumed they were ghost-written by multiple people simply as a feature of the magazine.

 By the way, my grandmother's neighbor who worked at PS was Ruth Westphal, you will see her listed as an associate editor.  I recall her telling me that she was an editor there for 20 years before, at some point in the 1960's, she got her name on the masthead - such was the way of the world back then.  She was a pistol, well into her 80's, about 4'8" and under 100lbs. but sharp as a tack and could discuss almost any manner of technology from the 40's, 50's and 60's.  I recall a dinner that we spent at least an hour discussing the virtues of the in-line 6 over V-8's!

Thanks for the okay to link to your site.  I really can see that you put in a ton of work, I find that I go through binges when I will add new items, (usually in the winter since it can get too cold in my shop to actually tinker with something).  Keep me posted on any updates or changes - and let me know if there are any PS magazines from the 50's or 60's you need, I must have about 75-100.

Very Best Regards,


My hope is that this information does several things:

1. That it will bring out more information about the "nuts & bolts" of producing the series.

2.That it will find its way to young women so that they will have another role model (Ruth Westphal).

3. That this notation will act as a thank you to Art and Ruth for what they have given us.

Mike Hammerberg


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