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April 2017

Bodywork complete. Hooking up odds and ends (wiring, accessories, speedometer, etc.) before waking up the engine after a very long sleep.

December 2016

Interior complete. Trunk lid w/s redo.  Rear bumper work. Rear gravel guards in.

August 2016

     Imron topcoat complete. Chrome returning.  See Log.

March 2016

    Windows in. Doors readjusted.  Stainless fuel line in.  New stainless fuel tank going in.  Interior work continues.  New headliner and carpet here.  Floor insulation going in. See Log.

September 2015

    My neighbor, Victor gets laid off from his job at a prestigious body shop.  Luckily he agrees to take over the Checker bodywork in my garage.  Now we have someone with the real skills.


January 2015

   My dear wife (Mami) diagnosed with brain lymphoma.  After a successful kidney transplant all rejection drugs stopped so her body can fight the cancer. First casualty is the new kidney. Back to dialysis.  Chemo therapy is too hard  so the strategy is to let her own immune system do the battle.  Remarkably the lymphoma goes into remission but her sight is markedly worse.  She fights on and is stable by July but Checker work is stopped as care-giving is the priority.

March 2014 Underbody and Frame Done


July 2013 - Car back in Pinole

      After looking over the paint and bodywork under good light and a critical eye I decided I needed to do a better job on the old girl. We'd been through a lot.  Only problems were age (mine) and an array of limitations (poor eyesight, crippled hands and diminished skills).  Started on a fourth restoration by farming out some things - front door skins and searching for obscure parts- Rear cross-member, floor sections etc. Vowed to make her like new (including the underside) as well as to use the most durable paint  (Imron).

12/20/2011-Front Bumper On

11/4/2011- Priming the Hood

11/3/2011 Topcoat Phase1

10/18/2011- Moving to location for painting

9/20/2011- The sanding continues

8/3/2011 Fuel Tank and Skid-plate Installed

8/2/11 Trunk Floor in Place

8/1/2011 Battery Holder In Place

7/14/2011- Rocker panels In and trunk floor out

7/12/2011 A/C Compressor Installed

7/6/2011 Floor Repair Complete /Rust Damage to DS Rocker

7/6/2010-Driver's Side Rocker Panel Progress

6/21/2011 PS Rocker Panel brazed in place

6/14/2011- My Assistant in floor repair

6/14/2011 Rocker Panel Fitted...Finally

5/03/2011- Began removing Passenger side rocker panel


5/2/2011- Doors off, rear fenders off, rear bumper off-out in the sun with Becky

4/21/2011 Radiator support, radiator, fan shroud and brake hoses on

Third Restoration Begins- January, 2011

Fenders Off- 2/8/2011

Checker Assembly Line-1973



First Meeting-Inkster, ND March, 1984

Restoration Complete-April 1984


Second Restoration-New Paint-trunk panel and front fenders- June, 1990


The Checker Loaded with 40 Middle School Students


The Checker Tours in Wisconsin


Third Repaint Complete - Move to Pinole 7/8/2013



Fourth Restoration begins-7/8/2013- See Checker Log