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1/24/2011- Removed front tires, grille, turn signals, front bumper, bumper guards(2), Headlamp Bezels and Housings

1/25/2011- Polished Grille, Turn Signal Housing, recharged battery

1/26/2011- Disassembled Headlight Assemblies-cleaned off rusted areas

1/27/2011- Ordered parts for HL Assemblies, Cleaned Bumper Guards -took bumper into platers for estimate

1/28/2011- Posted web pages-log, pictures and parts manual

1/29/2011-Bought blasting cabinet- bead-blasted first headlight Housing

1/30/2011-Finished bead blasting H/L housings-primed

1/31/2011-Beadblasted Sealed beam cans and painted, Painted H/L housings black, Began cleaning hood lock assy.

2/1/2011- Removed hood, lower splash panel, AIR pump, alternator, thermostat housing, clearance lights, taillights, radiator hold-down

2/2/2011-Finished Headlight Assemblies, Cleaned Alternator, Cleaned Air stove/Paint, Cleaned Hood Latch

2/3/2011- Rebuilt Hood Lock, Safety Catch and spring plunger-Installed on Latch Housing, Rebuilt Alternator, Rebuilt License Plate Light, Finished Radiator Hold down

2/6/2011- Tail light housing, bumper guards, Turn signal housings to plater.

2/7/2011- Bead blasted air pump parts, t/s reflectors, old diverter valve and License bracket- won jump seat cushions (ebay), Finished Reverse Lights

2/8/2011- Removed both front fenders, radiator cradle, radiator, water pump, fan, heater valve, & starter

2/10/2011-Cleaned and rebuilt starter, installed new terminal kit in alternator, cleaned and painted water pump and thermostat housing, repainted license light & bracket, cleaned and painted carbon canister holder, cleaned canister

2/12/2011-Cleaned and painted AIR Pump pulley. Installed new diverter valve (Volvo), installed carbon canister bottom and filter

2/15/2011-(Before) Removed Upper and Lower Control Arms and Passenger side coil spring.  Removed front pulley and timing cover.

2/17/2011- Bead blasting continues- timing cover, all front pulleys. Order tail-light refinishing kit

2/20/2011- Bead Blasting fan. Cleaning A frames-problem with lower control arm PS-uh-oh

2/21/2011- Finished removal of all suspension components and bumper to frame brackets, removed manifolds and carb.

2/22/2011- Removed air injection manifold, master cylinder and power brake booster.  Cleaned firewall.

2/23/2011- Cleaned first set of A-frames with gasoline in preparation for the inaugural "soda blasting"

2/25/2011- Cleaned AIR manifold, began degreasing second set of A-frames (driver's side)

2/26/2011- First use of soda blaster-Cleaned control arms (before) (after), fan shroud (before) (after), radiator cradle (before) (after)  Damage to upper ball joint-passenger side

2/27/2011- Removed Header pipe, picked up replated parts (tail light housings, t/s housings, front bumper guards)-beautiful job!, Cleaned front spindle and caliper assemblies

2/28/2011- Had new header pipe made, ordered lower control arm from Arizona, suspension bumpers coming from PA, ordered brake parts, dropped off radiator for repair and cleaning. Ordered brake hoses

3/2/2011- Cleaned and straightened Parking Light Housings. Rec'd Camaro intake from good friend.  Cleaned windshield washer, Rainy day

3/3/2011- Worked on PS Upper Control Arm-cleaned down to bare metal, removed inner bushings and ball joint. Picked up radiator Ordered side marker lights.

3/4/2011- Finished TS Housings and Upper PS Control Arm, Prepared and painted intake and exhaust manifolds. Used Lower Control Arm (PS) arrived.

3/5/2011- Cleaned and de-rusted Used Lower Control Arm, Removed Bushings and ball joint-Primed

3/6/2011- Painted PS Lower Control Arm, Cleaned Cast Iron connector LCA

3/8/2011- Installed LCA Bushings, Wire wheeled  cooling shroud-primed, cleaned and painted bumper supports

3/9/2011- Began cleaning DS Upper Control Arm- Painted fan shroud-ordered upper ball joints-58 T-Bird

3/10/2011- Finished install upper control arm bushings-pass. side, cleaned water pump pulleys, AIR pulley, Crankshaft pulley-primed and painted, ordered coil springs, side markers, T/L gaskets

3/11/2011 Packaged and sent out power brake booster and front bumper for rebuilding/re-plating

3/12/2011- Removed bushing from DS Lower Control Arm, began de-rusting process. Removed Cast Iron connector LCA- Cleaned and de-rusted.

3/13/2011- Continue removing rust from LCA, applied primer to LCA

3/14/2011- Painted LCA with Chassis Black, Began disassembly of PS Spindle and Brakes

3/15/2011- Began cleaning of PS Frame, Installed Control Arm Bushings PS Lower Control Arm, Installed new suspension bumper and cast iron connector-complete

3/16/2011- Finished painting UCA Driver's side. Continued trying to disassemble PS Spindle. Grumble grumble.

3/17/2011- Succeeded in disassembling Spindle. Bought used manifold.  This one has the egr valve and heat-shields.

Cleaned, de-rusted, primed and painted spindle parts, R&R lower ball joint.

3/18/2011- Assembled PS Spindle. Installed Lower ball joints on control arms.

3/21/2011- Disassembled, cleaned and painted DS Spindle. R&R DS Lower Ball Joint, Painted DS Impact Absorber Bracket

3/22/2011- Cleaned DS Front Frame and cross-members

3/23/2011- Cleaned Junkyard Intake and Exhaust Manifolds, Heat Stove, EGR Hold down, Bellcrank, and Choke Hsg.

3/24/2011- Continued attempt to remove all rust from exhaust manifold-slow going

3/25/2011- Primed manifolds, cleaned side marker clips & primed, primed bellcrank, energy absorber support and EGR hold down

3/26/2011-Painted Exhaust Manifold & Heated Air stove

3/27/2011-Touched up exhaust manifold, painted intake manifold, painted  energy absorber support (DS), Cleaned and painted air horn extension

3/28/2011- Second coat engine paint on intake manifold, wire-wheeled rust on radiator support panel, primed and topcoated-incomplete-ran out of underhood gray

3/29/2011- Assembled intake and exhaust manifolds, installed new EGR valve and choke thermostat. Cleaned manifold bolts and hardware. Painted and assembled calipers. Attempted repair on heat shield-failed

3/30/2011- Primed and painted frame, undercoated firewall, cleaned transmission, removed side covers on engine and rocker arm cover, prepped engine for paint, removed pan bolts. Transferred old parts to new brake rotors

3/31/2011- Cleaned frame bolts, bought used AIR Pump and Diverter Valve

4/1/2011- Cleaned AIR Pump and diverter valve, removed oil pan, cleaned, primed and painted anti sway bar, cleaned and painted vacuum advance, cleaned ballast resistor, began cleaning carburetor, AM/FM radio and trunk pieces arrive.

4/2/2011- Cleaned energy absorber-driver's side and bumper brackets (2) and primed, painted frame bracket, painted sway bar and sway bar clips, painted coil, touched up radiator support (finished)

4/3/2011- Painted energy absorber driver's side, bumper brackets and ballast resistor bracket

4/4/2011- Assembled DS energy absorber, disassembled, cleaned and primed ps energy absorber. Waiting for paint.  Cleaned oil pan, side covers, and rocker arm cover.

4/5/2011- Sanded, primed, and top-coated firewall. Cleaned and chased threads on LCA bolts. Painted engine block Chevrolet Orange. Removed hood hinges for cleaning and painting.

4/6/2011- Finished cleaning oil pan, side covers and rocker arm cover. Disassembled carburetor.

4/7/2011- Cleaned all carburetor parts and installed rebuild kit.  Cleaned all cover bolts and ps hood hinge, primered. Replaced heater hoses on new heater valve.

4/8/2011- Primed and top-coated all engine covers. Primed DS Hood hinge and top-coated both hinges. Painted starter solenoid. Cleaned and painted original bell-crank.

4/9/2011- Re-touched alternator bracket and thermostat housings.  Applied Chassis Black to DS Energy Absorber pieces.  Applied clear coat to hood hinges.

4/10/2011- One more clear coat to hinges. Replaced timing cover seal. Affixed gaskets to thermostat housing, timing cover, pan, side covers and rocker arm cover.

4/11/2011-Installed springs on hood hinges. Painted all cover bolts and water pump bolts. Painted distributor Loaded car for first reassembly day in Walnut Creek. Yay!

4/12/2011- First Assembly Day! Installed hood hinges, clear-coated firewall, installed all engine covers, starter, manifolds and carburetor, distributor, fuel pump, vibration damper and pulleys, water pump, thermostat housings, AIR Pump manifold, ballast resistor, coil, heater control, radiator hoses and alternator

4/13/2011- Installed power brake booster, AIR pump, master cylinder, heater hoses, power steering support.

4/14/2011- Removed Lower control arm bushings- ordered correct part

4/15/2011- TGIF

4/16/2011- Installed Lower Control Arm Bushings, Assembled Tail Light Assemblies

4/18/2011- Installed Upper and Lower Control Arm, Front Coil Springs, Anti-sway Bar, Spindle Assemblies, Rotors and Calipers Fabricated power steering support adapter. Installed spark plugs

4/19/2011- Cleaned and painted shock absorbers, installed tie rod end, Power Steering Support, all belts, spark plug wires, distributor capInstalled shock absorbers, tires and wheels.  Began removal of wiper arm bezels. Installed Energy Absorbers License plate frames arrived

4/20/2011- Installed Radiator support, radiator and fan shroud. Had  correct brake hoses fabricated.

4/21/2011- Installed Brake Hoses

4/22/2011- HVLP Gun arrived.

4/26/2011- Repaired and connected engine wiring, removed washer bezels, removed rear doors, removed sill plates, replaced instrument panel, replaced turn signal arm, connected brake pedal to power booster, removed defroster hose

4/27/2011- Bought extra thermostat housing (wrecking yard) nothing is cheap. Yikes Cleaned extra ballast resistor

4/28/2011- Cleaned extra thermostat housing. Cleaned and straightened aluminum sill plates

4/30/2011- Primed and painted extra thermostat housing. Repaired and cleaned w/s washer bezels

5/2/2011- Removed front doors, rear fenders and rear bumper Installed new ballast resistor

5/3/2011- Began removing passenger side rocker panel, dis-assembled PS rear door

5/4/2011- Cleaned all internal parts-PS Rear Door- sanded, sanded, sanded

5/5/2011- More sanding, sanded front bumper extension, dis-assembled DS Rear door. Repaired Speaker Housing

5/6/2011- Finished sanding DS Rear Door.

5/7/2011- Removed parts from a 1970 Aerobus - PS Front Door, all door panels, headliner bows, air conditioner, radiator, condenser and drier, electrical switches, DSRear window frame, DS Front Vent window and frame, battery holder-frame mount, spare tire and wheel, door sill plates, side marker lights, headlamp cans, speedometer cable, horns, windshield washer bag and pump, wiper bezels, front bumper panel, gravel guards and ballast resistor

5/9/2011- Cleaned and de-rusted all battery mounting parts, primed and painted, cleaned marker light clip, sorted all bolts and screws from 70 Aerobus parts foray. Dis-assembled Aerobus front Passenger door. Cleaned switch knobs.

5/10/2011- Finished the removal of the passenger side rocker panel-lots of chisel work.  Went to the Aerobus and removed the rear air conditioning unit.  Will try to adapt it to the rear of the a-11.  While there was ecstatic to find a relatively rust-free trunk floor. It took 5 hours of cutting to get it out but now the Checker will look a lot better.- Long long day.

5/11/2011- Slack day- Began preparing trunk floor-cutting out spot welds

5/12/2011- Finished cutting trunk spot welds, wire wheeled surface, primed and painted trunk floor. Began disassembling of rear evaporator unit from Aerobus-will adapt unit to work in A-11 rear shelf.  Cleaned 4 sill plates with wire wheel.

5/13/2011- Sanding on Passenger side front door

5/16/2011- Switched end caps on front bumper surround (brazed in place. Continued de-rusting Passenger Side Front Door

5/17/2011- Brutal day- Last day to remove parts from Aerobus. Removed front heater assemblies, defroster ducts, underseat heater, A/C compressor, fuel tank and skid plate, tailpipe shield, front and rear bumpers, floor metal and misc. wiring. 3pm 'til darkness. Luckily only intermittent showers.

5/19/2011- Disassembled under-seat heater- began de rusting, cleaned A/C evaporator-more dis-assembly

5/20/2011- Rebuilt spare alternator Parts search-online- Spring Cold begins-Yikes

5/23/2011- Dis-assembled heater motor-Began rebuilding- Cleaned under-seat heater covers and painted

5/24/2011- Pieces of motor spread over the desk-this may be interesting.

5/25/2011- Replaced broken phenolic field junction strip in Heater Motor. Re-assembled...It works! Mounted to base-plate. Fan should arrive Friday. still sick-slow progress.

5/26/2011- Repaired Fan Grill/Painted, assembled Under-seat Heater-tested. Assembled windshield washer pump. Sorted screws, nuts and bolts. Cleaned spare tire hold-down Finished horn relay.

5/28/2011- Cleaned and painted trunk support and exhaust pipe shield.

5/29/2011- Cleaned under-dash evaporator housing, cleaned and painted gas tank inlet assembly

5/30/2011- Painted under-dash evaporator and bracket. Disassembled and began de-rusting of A/C blower assembly.

5/31/2011- Last visit to Aerobus-took off fan switch, blower bracket and center link. Finished painting and motor rebiulding on A/C blower assembly. Dis-assembled and bead blasted spare heater.

6/1/2011- Finished de-rusting and cleaning spare heater housings.  Painted and re-assembled

6/2/2011- Began rebuilding speakers-ordered re-cone kits. Cleaned and categorized screws and bolts

6/3/2011- Back to the Aerobus- took off front brake assembly for CCOA member and spent afternoon getting it ready for shipping. Cleaned center link and idler arm.

6/4/2011- Purchased bumper guards and armrests, speaker re-foam kits arrive.

6/6/2011- Picked up front fenders from Aerobus. Begin restoration of fuel tank skid plate

6/7/2011- Continued work on Rocker Panel installation-chiseling. Cleaned PS floor in preparation for patching. Finished painting gas tank skid plate. Soda blasted spare DS front fender. Painted a-frame support. Began de-rusting spare fan shroud.

6/8/2011- Replaced flexible foam on Boston Audio speakers (door) Before After

6/9/2011- Prepared spare headlight bucket assemblies for painting.  Packed up drum brake parts for shipping. Sanded  spare front fenders.

6/10/2011- Continued clean-up on headlamp buckets-waiting for paint

6/11/2011- Becky's 40th birthday party-when Checker was supposed to be done...not

6/13/2011- Began disassembly and cleaning of rear A/C condenser (blowers)

6/14/2011- Finally fit the new rocker panel on passenger side in preparation for brazing.  Fabricated floor patch on PS front floorboard.  Brazed in patch with Becky's assistance.

6/15/2011- Finished cleaning parts of headlight buckets-painted all parts, painted A/C blower parts-assembled 1 of 4 blowers.  Cleaned spare license plate bracket.

6/16/2011- Cleaned and painted second blower (rear A/C), painted license plate bracket, cleaned bolts and screws from past dis-assemblies. Dis-assembled third and fourth blower. Bead blasted fans. Painted spare License Plate bracket.

6/17/2011- Painted & Assembled 3rd blower. Cleaned & Painted 4th Blower Cleaned and painted housing/

6/18/2011- Assembled 4th blower. Mounted blowers to housing. Cleaned evaporator coil and mounted. Before Finished

6/19/2011- Father's Day Lunch with Becky- took measurements for welding jug

6/20/2011- Made welding jigs, finished dis-assembling front fenders from Aerobus- cleaned ball joints from aerobus in preparation for shipping.

6/21/2011- Finished brazing PS Rocker Panel-ordered Rear AC vent 100 degrees in Walnut Creek-great time to weld..

6/22/2011- Bead blasted first 2 housings and vents for rear AC Unit

6/23/2011- Finished all 4 housings and three vents- fourth will come from Cavalier, ND off of a 57 Plymouth

6/24/2011- Begin sand blasting spare radiator support. Begin fabricating Rear A/C evaporator enclosure

6/25/2011- Disassembled spare radiator support-cleaned and de-rusted side shields and painted

6/27/2011- Finished cleaning radiator support-this was the most rusty piece so far- painted and re-assembled side shields. Spare radiator and condenser completed-cleaned and pressure checked.  Painted both.

6/28/2011- Rained out in Walnut Creek. Installed radiator cradle supports and grommets. A/C bracket from Florida a no-show. Searched the web but could find none from the early 70's and A6 Compressor.  Finally found a closed auction for Compressor and bracket from late 70's. $$$ but no choice.  This is the last piece except for hoses to do the installation.

6/29/2011- Repaired and cleaned turn signal bases and painted.

6/30/2011- In Walnut Creek. Driver's side floor repair- Cut out rotted body mount section, cut and placed patch and brazed in place. Brazed in additional patch between body mount and gas pedal-incomplete. Installed radiator strut support grommets.

7/1/2011- Picked up re-plated Spare Parking Light Housings, Under dash A/C face plate and vent housings. Re-assembled A/C vents and louvers into faceplate. Assembled Spare Parking light assemblies.

7/2/2011- Rear AC Vent arrives from North Dakota.  It's from a 57 Plymouth dash defroster-perfect match. Bead blasted and repainted.  Installed in housing.

7/4/2011- Cut Door Size jigs in preparation for installation of driver's side rocker panel.

7/5/2011- Back to the Checker's house in Walnut Creek. 98 degrees and just right for brazing on the floorpan. LOL.  Brazed in final pieces on driver's floor and last piece on passenger's front,  Began cutting out Driver's side rocker panel.  Surprised to find a panel over a panel on front section. Brazed in 3 tee nuts to replace missing caged nuts for front fenders.

7/6/2011- Walnut Creek-Continued removal of Driver's side rocker panel-rust damage more than expected. Removed fuel tank and took to shop for cleaning and coating.$$$ Yikes  Sprayed undercoating on repaired floor section.

7/7/2011- Walnut Creek-Finished removing rocker panel. Fabricated repair panel for backing of rocker panel. Positioned new rocker panel in preparation for brazing.  AC Compressor and brackets arrive.

7/8/2011- Finished cleaning all brackets for Air Conditioning Compressor and painted. Almost finished cleaning R4 compressor.

7/9/2011- Assembled painted A/C brackets in preparation for installation. Ordered seals and o rings for compressor rebuild.

7/10/2011- Designed and Produced nameplate for A/C controls on under-dash condenser. Finished cleaning A/C compressor (GM-R4) 

7/11/2011- Primed and Painted A/C Compressor. Ordered bulkhead connector and compressor hose block.

7/12/2011- Walnut Creek-Long but productive day. Installed new belts. Installed Aerobus HD radiator. Installed evaporator. Installed AC Compressor and brackets. Refitted DS Rocker panel and brazed in place-complete. Ordered radiator hose and underseat hater hoses.

7/13/2011- Picked up flushed gas tank. Painted tank and fixed sending unit. Cleaned and painted mounting Bracket.

7/14/2011- Walnut Creek-Replaced AIR Hose and heater hose to accommodate AC compressor, sanded and painted fender bolt insert on firewall, cut out trunk floor. Began cleaning and rust removal from differential and springs.

7/16/2011- Have been trying to figure out what to use for a patch for the spare tire well on the trunk floor.  Finally found a likely suspect- a garage sale wok-$1.  Fabricated two patches from wok and brazed in place.

7/17/2011- Painted patch and trunk floor

7/18/2011- Walnut Creek-Cleaned differential and axle assembly (partial0 and rear frame, springs and rear cross-member.  Picked up re-chromed hood emblems (2).Removed tailpipe.

7/19/2011- Walnut Creek-Painted differential, rear springs, frame sections and rear cross-member. Removed rear speakers, rear window defroster, rear shelf trim, rear seats in preparation for mounting rear ac evaporator. Began fabrication of evaporator housing.

7/20/2011- Continued Shroud fabrication. Installed angle iron supports and brazed in top section.

7/21/2011- Continued Shroud fabrication. Spot brazed covering to angle iron framework. Fabricated and installed end caps.

7/22/2011- Finished Rear A/C Shroud fabrication. Installed drain stubs. Fabricated access panel. Installed condensor unit.  Applied undercoating to interior and cold galvanizing compound to exterior.

7/23/2011- Bolt Cleaning-short day

7/24/2011- Final filing on evaporator shroud- ready to install

7/25/2011- Had spare tire dismounted-Thanks Paul! and packed up wheel, lower a-frame and bumper for trip to southern CA. Reordered compressor hose block and bulkhead connectors.

7/26/2011- Walnut Creek- Finished cleaning and painting rear frame. Cut out more of old trunk floor. Fit  in new trunk floor.  No brazing after dropping Oxygen regulator-damn! Installed lower radiator hose and removed PS Impact absorber in preparation for welding.

7/28/2011- Walnut Creek-Brazed in nuts for spare tire holder. Final fitting of trunk floor. Secured floor in place with sheet metal screws in preparation for TIG welding.  Weldor comes tomorrow.

7/29/2011- Walnut Creek-Had reinforcement welded on to PS Lower Control Arm. Battery support now welded to frame and trunk floor welded in place.

7/31/2011- Cleaned and painted spare tire holder, cleaned one rear bumper bracket

8/1/2011- Walnut Creek- removed all positioning screws. Seal trunk floor seams with seam sealer. Applied seam sealer to rocker panels.  Began painting trunk with spatter finish-ran out of paint. Pinole-Obtained 1/4" plate (Thanks Doug) for battery holder transition piece. Started cleaning second bumper bracket and headlight trim piece.

8/2/2011- Walnut Creek- Drilled, tapped and painted battery holder transition piece, installed battery holder Finished painting trunk interior, Began clear coat of trunk interior. Mounted spare tire bracket. Applied spatter finish to rear evaporator housing. Removed rear brake drums. Inspected brakes-all OK. Painted drum exteriors. Applied undercoating to driver's rear inner fender and underneath trunk floor. Installed PCV hose.

8/3/2011- Walnut Creek- Finished clear coat on trunk interior, undercoated PS rear inner fender. Installed fuel tank and skid plate, connected all fuel and vapor lines.

8/4/2011- Walnut Creek- Mounted rear A/C Evaporator. Cleaned all brazing points on body and primed. Pinole-Finished cleaning rear bumper brackets. Straightened mis-shaped bracket and primed.

8/5/2011- Cleaned bumper bolts, bumper adapter plates, Kick-pad bar. Painted bumper brackets, bumper adapters and bumper bolts.  Cleaned spare tie rod end and adjusting sleeve.

8/6/2011- Cleaned remaining bolts, nuts and washers. Painted e-brake guard.

8/8/2011- Began de-rusting process on spare fan shroud-major rust. Refilled oxygen cylinder.

8/9/2011- Walnut Creek-Installed rear bumper brackets, rear A/C drain tubes, hose transition hardware through fender and threaded inserts for front and rear fenders (3 brazed).  Cut out and fitted dash hole filler. Installed choke rod and clear coated air cleaner and power brake unit.

8/10/2011- Cut out backing metal for dashboard patch. Picked up Checker parts from auction-condensors, compressor, dash panel and gauges and jump seat.

8/11/2011- Straightened bent metal on spare radiator cradle (ebay). Welded nuts on cradle, brazed dash patch to backing. Painted cradle and dash plate.

8/16/2011- Walnut Creek-Installed filler adapter on compressor and drier and pressure switch to radiator cradle. Plugged hole in rear inner fender.  Painted drain stubs in trunk floor and installed hoses and clamps between evaporator housing and stubs. Installed cardboard cabin separator to seal off trunk from interior. Clamped and spot welded dash panel patch and primed. Attempted to install remote fan for Aerobus front A/C evaporator- wrong dash configuration... grumble grumble. Will use later model evaporator unit with integral fan. Made paper pattern for compressor support bracket. Installed patch in rear inner fender. Removed emergency brake control-broken pawl


8/17/2011- Cleaned and repaired emergency brake control, painted


8/18/2011- Pinole- Fabricated adapter bracket from steel plate-primed

Walnut Creek- Installed adapter bracket to A/C compressor mount. Filled imperfections on dash with body filler, filled with spot putty. Painted with wrinkle finish. Brazed in final patch to driver's floor and undercoated. Undercoated inner fender patch from Tuesday. Cleaned rust from kick panel area and primed. Installed emergency brake control Cleaned dimmer switch.

8/21/2011- Touched up Evaporator Vent highlights.`

8/22/2011- Walnut Creek- Install under-dash evaporator unit.  Cut hose openings in firewall and floor. Repositioned gas pedal. Undercoated firewall and floor patch. Installed AC hose tees. Trimmed adapter plate bolt. Sanded dash patch and re-puttied.

8/23/2011- Walnut Creek- Re-puttied dash imperfections one last time, sanded and painted.  Mounted under seat heater to floor-waiting for rubber seals. Repaired door pillar wiring harness. Removed remaining exhaust pipes.  Had muffler shop fabricate new pipes.

8/25/2011- Walnut Creek-more sanding on dash patch, installed exhaust system-new header pipe,2 new extension pipes, new muffler and refurbished tailpipe. Split front inner and outer fenders. Made pattern for rear shelf cover. Made clearance  opening in inner fender to clear battery holder.  Removed old battery holder from inner fender.

8/26/2011- Cleaned spare tie rod ends and idler arm. Dis-assembled spare under-seat heater.

8/27/2011- Cleaned and sanded PS Inner Fender

8/29/2011- Walnut Creek-Opening for battery holder wouldn't work correctly-rework.  Cut out old adapter and fabricated new and improved version. Mounted inner fender on car temporarily.  Measured and fabricated back seat shelf-masonite. Cleaned fender bolts and sanded and cleaned driver's side inner fender.

8/30/2011- Walnut Creek- Hung DS Inner fender, 2 front fenders, hood and rear fenders. Placed masonite shelf trim piece. Sanded Inner fender.

9/1/2011- Walnut Creek- Removed roof rack, rails, and clearance lights. Began overall sanding- roof, hood, ds fenders front and rear, ps fenders- front & rear and trunk lid.

9/2/2011- "Photoshopped" Auxiliary heater label.  Before  After  Printed on label stock

9/3/2011- Cleaned rust  and paint from auxiliary heater housings, motor, fan and grille

9/4/2011- Sanded Auxiliary heater parts, primed, top-coated and applied clear coat

9/5/2011- Applied label and assembled unit.

9/7/2011- Bought paint and primed PS front door- used old primer (20 y.o.) will redo

9/8/2011- Bought new primer $$$ Yikes. Spent the entire day cleaning the layers of dust, dirt and rust from the garage and putting away tools.  Nice to have things back in order.  Dis-assembled  DS front door.

9/9/2011- Began Sanding DS Door

9/10/2011- Disassembled spare front fender assemblies and began sanding paint and grinding rust.

9/12/2011- Sanding Spare DS front fender

9/13/2011- Sanding Spare PS front fender

9/14/2011- Cut out inner fender mud shields

9/15/2011- More sanding of spare fenders

9/16/2011- Primed front outer fenders, sanded headlight bezel (1)

9/18/2011- Sanded and primed spare inner fenders. More bolt cleaning.

9/19/2011- Walnut Creek- more sanding on body in preparation for paint.  The dust falls like snow.

9/20/2011- Disassembled DS Front Door-Sanded

9/26/2011- Sanded PS Front door- incredibly difficult to remove the Imron paint from 1982.  That must've been excellent paint back then, just somewhat toxic.

9/27/2011- Walnut Creek- Grinding more old paint into powder (sanding)- rear inner fenders and trunk lid. Pinole-Finally came up with a repair strategy for Passenger Front Door. Cut out first group of repair pieces and mounted.

9/28/2011- Continued metal forming and patch fabrication on PS Front Door.  Brazed all patches to door and did preliminary sanding.  corner   center   corner

9/29/2011- Fabricated last piece for corner of PS Front door and brazed into place.

9/30/2011- Started Bondo work on PS Front Door. Cut out rusted areas on DS Front Door. Cut and fitted patches.

10/2/2011- Brazed in patches on DS Front Door-sanded side surfaces and primed.

10/3/2011- Debacle time- Bondo from 9/30 failed to harden.  Helluva job to remove-messy messy messy. Sanded side surfaces of PS Front Door and primed. Sanded on extra rear door.

10/4/2011- Layer of bondo, sanding, layer of bondo, sanding, layer of bondo, sanding etc. on fronts of front doors and spare rear door.  Getting closer.

10/5/2011- Finished bondo filling on DSFront Door bottom. Primed

10/17/2011- Cleaned Isa's garage in preparation for bodywork and painting. Extracted compressor and loaded it into truck...heavy. Installed tow bar on Checker

10/18/2011- Unloaded compressor. Moved Checker from Becky's house to Isa's.  Gathered all body materials.  Tomorrow we begin again.

10/19/2011- Moved over doors, tools and paint supplies. Sanded more on the trunk area. Wired in compressor.

10/20/2011- More sanding 5 hours), removed body sealant from first gutter.

10/21/2011- Still making paint dust. Sanded front fenders more, filled in opera light (before, after) and CB antenna holes (before after). Filled dents in rocker panel.  Sanded upper firewall below windshield. Removed trunk lid. Big push next week.

10/24/2011- Finished sanding inside of trunk lid. Removed Hood. Sanded inside surfaces. Block sanded fenders and bondo repairs-final. Primered trunk lid interior.

10/25/2011- More sanding on roof. Primered hood interior. Removed body seal from DS roof gutter. More sanding on front fender-removed, Detail sanding on DS Inner Fender.

10/26/2011- Began the day sanding the ds inner fender, and straightening all the bends.  Removed the inner fender and continued the sanding.  This took all morning. Sanded air intakes and primered. Sanded upper firewall and primered. Hung doors from rafters so they'll be easier to prime. Sanded remaining surfaces and flanges on PS front fender.  Straightened all bends. Repeated sanding, straightening, and removal process of PS inner fender Hung both inner fenders in preparation for priming.

10/27/2011- Sanded front bumper filler and Passenger side rear door.  Cleaned and sanded all door jambs. Began closing in large openings with cardboard-beginning of masking process.

10/28/2011- Shortened Day- Continued sanding on upper firewall. Applied bondo to rear panel seams and PS Inner fender

10/31/2011- Sanded bondo on rear panel joints. Sanded headlight bezels and rear bumper filler (last panel)(before-finished)  Masked windshield, rear quarter windows and rear window. Sanded roof.

11/1/2011- Finished masking the passenger compartment, sanded bondo on inner fender. Swept down the garage, ripped rags and primered- passenger side-firewall-roof-drivers side- doors-hood-trunk opening-trunk lid-rear fenders-inner fenders. Long long day. Luckily Mami came out from San Francisco with lunch and to assist.

11/2/2011- Sanded yesterday's primer job. Spot puttied small imperfections. Applied Topcoat to PS Door Jambs, PS Rear Fender, DS Rear Fender, DS Door Jambs, Firewall, Doors, Inner Fenders, Trunk Lid, Trunk Opening, Bumper Fillers and Hood

11/3/2011- Installed DS Doors and Front PS Door. Installed hood hinges. Installed DS Inner Fender and PS Inner Fender. Installed and aligned trunk lid. Applied more spot putty to trunk lid. Sanded primer on 3 doors. Rain today-no priming. Front view.

11/4/2011- Priming Day 2. Final Sand on Hood. Mounted hood with John's help. Thank God for good friends, Cleaned surfaces of front fenders, PS Rear door, roof and hood-Thank you Mami.  Applied primer to fenders, hood, rear door.

11/7/2011- Mounted front fenders and PS Rear Door. Sanded primer on fenders, roof, doors and hood. Top-coated entire vehicle. Here are the pics   front passenger side  passenger side 2    front drivers side   drivers side 2   roof   trunk   headlight bezels  hood  drivers side rear   overall

11/8/2011- Went back over the body surfaces.  Sanded paint with 400 wetordry to remove dust specks, orange-peel and any paint imperfections- all ready for final coat but must wait another 48 hours for first coats to cure.

11/9/2011- Quick trip to Walnut Creek this morning.  Cleaned overspray from dash and steering wheel.  Good thing as the paint is hardening.  Just in time.

11/10/2011- Re-masked all door openings, Picked up my unsuspecting brother at the airport.  Drafted into service he ran the hose and lights as I put on the final coat.  Lighting still a problem but only 3 dry spots.  Will try to remedy at a later date. Pics as follows- Driver's side front    Passenger side Front   Passenger side doors    Trunk   Draftee

11/13/2011- Sanded problem areas DS Rear Door and headlight bezels with 2000 grit wet or dry.

11/14/2011- Recoated problem areas with last remaining paint.

11/15/2011- Stripped all masking from car.  Re-assembly begins. Installed rear fender welt, trunk lock  and handmade body gaskets. Mounted tail-lights, back-up lights and License Plate light Re-installed rear bumper surround.  Cut out 6 rubber gaskets for front bumper surround. Made replacement straps for tail-lights.

11/16/2011- Installed tail-light straps and secured.  Drilled fenders and connected fender support straps. Installed rear bumper and bumper guards. Installed trailer hitch. Installed License Plate and frame. Began installing DS Front fender welt. Really difficult and slow-2 hours for 3 bolts. Yikes

11/17/2011- Found I had purchased "new style fender welt" in 1990.  Took off yesterday's fender and installed both front fenders with the new welt. That was a breeze compared to yesterday.  It also enabled me to drill the missing two holes on the DS fender. Installed horns on inner fender. Installed new license plate light bezel on bumper. Installed front side marker lights. Install grille and parking lights. Made pattern for Headlight gaskets and cut out rubber ones from stock. Placed Headlight buckets in fenders.

11/29/2011- Hiatus for health concerns- Began assembly of doors (DSR). Installed roof rack strips.  Cut out rubber gaskets for door handles and clearance lights.  Repaired broken mounting stud on clearance light Installed wiper pivots and washer nozzles.

12/1/2011- Continued Assembling doors DSR, DSF and PSR complete.  Mounted remaining clearance light. Installed hood insulator.

12/6/2011- Assembled PSF door (window a problem-sticky) Used porta-power to move PS rocker panel outward. Installed main luggage rack, Installed DS Headlight bezel. Began cleaning overspray from dash.  Installed wiper arms

12/8/2011- Continued work on PS Front window assembly.  Rust problem as well as movement.  Will need to locate lower window channel. Aligned doors.  Cleaned more overspray from dash and steering wheel. Finished installing PS Headlight bezel. Installed front fender molding-passenger & drivers side. Installed hood medallion.

12/13/2011- Grumble grumble. Had some glass cut for the passenger front.  They didn't have the right tape to set it and they may have cut glass a little too thick. Yikes! Assembled but it didn't go well.  Turns out the side glass is tempered not laminated.  Must be thinking Studebakers from years past.  Have to vacate the garage as my friend has renters coming in. Packed up all the parts and supplies, moved the compressor home.  Will tow car back to Becky's on Thursday and then scrub down the garage.  Tired and sore. LOL

12/15/2011- Towed Checker back to Becky's garage.  Thank God for John's help as it was a bear to back in. Loaded the last of parts and supplies and scrubbed down Isa's garage floor.  Using his garage for painting was a lifesaver.

12/20/2011- Installed front bumper, bumper guards, license plate bracket and fog lights.  Adjusted PS rear door.  New sign Thanks Joe!

2/20/2012- After a two month hiatus, a little progress.  Installed new PS Front window and all finally works as it should.

2/21/2012- Installed horn relay. Cleaned overspray. Began re-wiring.

2/22/2012- Continued re-wiring in engine compartment. Installed gas filler and headrests.

2/23/2012- More wiring, horn relay, fog lights. Installed radio panel and AM FM radio.

3/3/2012- Patched tear in fiberboard headliner. recolored.

4/1/2013- Ordered spare parts from Kalmazoo-Todd Harroun- fenders, hood, floor sections, door pillars door, door skins, rear panel, instruments, glass, springs,. 635 lbs. Wow!!

7/1/2013- Installed more shelves in garage clearing a place for the Checker in Pinole

7/3/2013- Cleaned and scaled used leaf springs, painted

7/4/2013- More shelves-hung hood

7/5/2013- Cleaned and painted Pitman Arm- Garage now ready for Checker in Pinole

7/6/2013- Pulled Checker out of Becky's garage-Removed bumper and set up stiff-hitch for towing. Checked out back-roads route to Pinole

7/8/2013- 4 am- hooked up Checker behind Tundra and towed to Pinole-success. Pushed into garage.

7/9/2013- Re-sorted car contents

7/10/2013- Removed drip-rail caulk, Removed two dents-rear fender, Cleaned and painted trunk interior.

7/11/2013- Cut floor and began moving the rocker panel outward.

7/12/2013- More rocker panel work- door comes back Monday

7/15/2013- Prep work on rocker panel. Pulled back into shape and tacked. Began cleaning cross-member and repainted starter.  Attempted to get exhaust system installed but pipes need to be re-bent.

7/16/2013- Door comes back- looks great with new skin. Mounted on car and aligned-time intensive

7/17/2013- Primed door. Installed locks and window mechanisms and window frame. Drilled door for molding.

7/18/2013- Installed molding-Adjusted door and frame

7/19/2013- Cut out Inner Rocker Panel-straightened-Used porta power to align panel

7/20/2013- Continued Brazing Front corner rocker panel

7/22/2013- Installed Inner Rocker Panel-Brazed in

7/23/2013- More pounding-fabricated Repair panel for inner rocker-front section-Brazed

7/24/2013- Fabricated floor patch strips and brazed in place. Cleaned Center link and tie rod ends

7/25/2013- Removed Engine Pan-checked rod and mains for size .010

7/26/2013- Aligned Rear Door-Began re-sanding

7/27/2013- More sanding

7/29/2013- More Sanding Dis-assembled roof rack

7/30/2013- Remove PS Leaf Spring

7/31/2013- Clean Rear Spring & Hardware

8/1/2013- Paint Spring and Hardware-Chase threads

8/2/2013- Wire brush frame section. Clean powder coat from inner-most hole in wheel

8/3/2013- Waiting for spring bushings and engine bearings. Sent clearance lights out to be re-plated.

8/4/ to 8/26/2013- Removed DS Rear Spring, Cleaned, de-rusted and painted-re-installed.  Removed rocker arms and all drive train covers. Replaced valve lifters. Replaced push-rods. Installed main bearings and rear main bearing seal. Problem: In replacing  #1 rod bearing snapped 1 connecting rod bolt- Ordered complete set.

8/28/ to 9/5/2013- Replaced rocker arms, replaced rod bearings, replaced connecting rod bolts. Cleaned transmission linkage, cleaned center link and cross-member. Cleaned motor mount bolts.

9/7- 9/10/2013- Installed New Oil Pump, Cleaned and painted shift selector bracket. Cleaned more bolts on cross-member. Ordered leaf spring bushings (Raybestoes 576-3404). Ordered motor mounts.

9/11- 9/15/2013- Broken rod bolt-Installed all new rod bolts, installed oil pan, installed lower bell housing cover, replace brush holders and springs on starter, replaced field coil insulator, installed starter, replaced rear transmission cross-member and mount, cleaned motor mounts and reconnected steering linkage, cleaned and painted accelerator linkage-installed. Re-assembled clearance lights-rechromed housings, new lenses and bulbs. Continue cleaning bolts in engine section.

9/16- 9/22/2013- Installed starter cover on bell housing, disassembled starter-replaced brush holders and field coil insulator, installed starter. Cleaned motor mounts and mounting frames-painted. Cleaned, painted and installed throttle bell crank and linkage. Removed old gas pedal and installed OEM used pedal assembly. Removed e-brake cross member, cleaned, straightened and painted-reinstalled. Cleaned frame in vicinity of cross member. Removed and installed oem front e-brake cable. Removed rear DS e-brake cable. Disassembled DS rear drum brake assembly. Cleaned parts and backing plate-repainted. Removed defective wheel cylinder-leaks- and installed new unit.

9/23- 9/30/2013- Reassembled DS rear brake with new springs and hold-downs, removed and replaced rear brake hose. Removed and replaced DS Rear Leaf Spring bushings.  Removed and replaced DS Rear shock absorber.,Disassembled PS Rear Brake-cleaned and painted backing plate and cast hardware. Replaced wheel cylinder, replaced all springs and self adjusting assemblies. Removed and replaced PS Rear Shackle bushings. Removed PSR Shock absorber and replaced with gas filled KYB unit.

10/1- 10/7/2013- Disassembled E-Brake linkage-under-car-cleaned and painted-reassembled (cont) and adjusted. Began cleaning frame in preparation for painting. Replaced body bolts. Touched up differential.

10/8- 11/8/2013- Scraping and cleaning the frame. Removed Gas Tank and Rear Bumper to facilitate frame cleaning. on rear DS.  Cleaned DS X frame and perimeter frame

11/9- 11/10/2013- Primered with Rust Encapsulator. Top-coated frame with Xtreme Chassis Black

11/11- 11/18/2013- Continued work on frame. Began replacing body mount cushions and bolts. Ordered Stainless Fuel Tank, barrier hose, and stainless exhaust pipes and clamps.

11/18- 12/02/2013- Cleaning and scraping underbody. Cleaned driveshaft. Cleaned fuel vapor collector. Stainless steel exhaust pipes have arrived. Stainless steel gas tank arrived. (wrong configuration-oops)

12/03- 12/17/2013- More Scraping and metal prep underneath. Purchased spotlights- Cleaned and polished. Searching for missing pieces.  instructions   template New correct stainless steel gas tank arrives.

12/18- 1/10/2014- Cleaning Underbody and backing plates-rear brakes. Underseat heater switch arrives.

1/11- 1/17/2014- Priming frame, remove transmission for rebuild, still cleaning underbody. Imron ordered

1/18- 1/25/2014- Sent transmission to shop for rebuild. Imron White arrives. Imron Clear ordered. Handles for spotlight arrive. Underbody scouring continues-now doing transmission area

1/25- 1/31/2014- Returned wrong gas tank. Imron Clear arrives. 2nd gallon of white Imron ordered. Underbody cleaning continues-now at front firewall- Rust encapsulator on rear frame and differential. Preparing for rust repair on front floor

2/1- 2/14/2014- Finished cleaning backing plates-rust encapsulated. Continued final cleaning on frame-rust encapsulated, finally finished taking off undercoating and rust from lower firewall and center transmission hump. Located oem exhaust hanger brackets.  Began applying white rust encapsulator to underbody. Removed door (ds) for new door skin. Began floor repair at dimmer switch-daunting. Touching up-frame Made floor patch at dimmer switch and installed.

2/14- 2/28/2014- Made center hump patch and installed. Reading parts book, realized under-seat heater was on the wrong(DS) side.  Patched holes-will mount heater on PS. Cut out floor section on Passenger's side front. Adapted Studebaker Lark floor pan, fitted in place, added body mount and began brazing in place.  Finished brazing PS Floor, installed body mount plate on Driver's Side. Closed remaining holes on DS Front. Final 7 floor patches...whew glad it's over 1 2-3 4 5 6-7. More touch up underneath-finally painted the white. Yay!

3/1- 3/14/2014 - Frame painted black. More touch up.  Replace  body mount cushions and bolts

9/5/2014 - Transmission in final re-assembly.  Hope it arrives home this weekend.

10/11/2014 - Positioned DF Door

10/12/2014 - Transmission returns at long last-almost 10 months to the day.

10/13/2014 - Got the transmission on the jack. No small feat. My aching back.

10/19/2014 - Installed transmission, starter, crossmembers.

10/22-10/23/2014 - Primed and painted driveshaft, replaced front u-joint. Installed driveshaft.

Early 2015 - Still getting parts for interior, sheet metal, frame and charging system. Rebuilt 2 original Motorola Alternators and began organizing. Mami has brain cancer so work is suspended.


9/1/2015 - Hired my neighbor to finish bodywork Victor begins 9/3


9/3/2015 - Removed Rt. Rocker Panel


9/4/2015 - Straightened A-pillar, realigned b pillar.


9/5/2015 - Cleaned floor and back panel for rocker, Cleaned rocker panel


9/7/2015 - Brazed Rocker Panel in place


9/8/2015 - Adjust PS Doors


9/9/2015 - Adjust Window Frames and body work on Front Door Skin, Removed Rear Cross Member


9/10/2015 - Cut and fit new Rear Cross Member


9/11/2015 - Removed rear fender. Adjust DS Doors, Straightened front door skin


9/12/2015 - Clean and straighten DS. Rocker Panel, Began sanding and filling imperfections on doors and remounted rear fender


9/11/2015 - Brazed in bumper nuts on rear cross-member


9/13/2015 - Drilled holes for door trim-PS Front


9/14/2015 - Cut rear lower trunk panel free from body


9/14/2015 - 9/19/2015 -  Re-aligned rear lower trunk panel, sanded and filled trunk lid, rear fenders, rear doors and surrounding areas. Sanded PS fender and rear door.


9/15/2015 - Re-attached lower trunk panel-brazed


9/21/2015 - 9/26/2015 - Continued taking out dents on doors, rear quarter panels and inside door frames.  Progress Pics - 9/22a, 9/22b, 9/24a, 9/24b, 9/24c, 9/24d, 9/24e, 9/24f, 9/24g, New Hood


9/27/2015 - 10/10/2015 - Taking out dents from Front Inner and Outer Fenders

9/29a  9/29b  9/29c  9/29d  9/29e  9/29f  9/29g  9/29h  9/29i  9/29j

10/3a  10/3b  10/3c  10/4a  10/4b  10/4c  10/4d  10/4e  10/4f  10/4g  10/6a

10/8a  10/8b  10/10a  10/10b  10/10c  10/10d  10/10e  10/10f  10/10g  10/10h


10/4/2015 - Welded Rear Frame Cross-member


10/14/2015 - Front Fenders Work-Take out dents and align 1014a  1014b  1014c  1014d


10/16/2015 - Continue Work on PS Front Fender  1016a  1016b


10/18/2015 - Fitting new hood  1018a   1018b   1018c


10/20/2015 - Hood alignment  1020a   1020b   1020c   1020d


10/24/2015 - Overall Progress Pictures and Scallop repair on new hood.  1024a   1024b   1024c   1024d   1024e


10/26/2015 - Fine tuning new hood - bondo and dent removal  1026a


10/31/2015 - Fender and Hood Leveling  1031a   1031b   1031c   1031d   1031e   1031f 


11/3/2015 - Hood Repair Complete  Roof Rack mounting. Pictures of panel gaps.  1103a   1103b   1103c   1103d   1103e  1103f   1103g   1103h   1103i   1103j   1103k   1103l


11/8/2015 - Roof Rack Adapted. Roof Holes filled and new mounting holes in place. Sanding and leveling roof.  1108a   1108b   1108c   1108d   1108e


11/10/2015 - Finished sanding and filling roof.  1110a   1110b    1110c   1110d   1110e   1110f    1110g


11/12/2015 - Fine tuned rear doors (bondo) and sanded drip rails  1112a   1112b   1112c   1112d   1112e


11/14-15/2015 - Finished rear doors and overall quality control entire car.  Began repair of front bumper filler.  1115a   1115b   1115c   1115d   1115e


11/20/2015 - Continued sanding on roof rail and roof in general. Reworking headlight bezels and front grille area. 1120a   1120b   1120c


11/22/2015 - More adjusting DS Rear Door, Bondo on Bumper Filler, 1122a   1122b   1122c


11/23/2015 - Sanding on bumper filler and all doors and door jambs.  1123a   1123b   1123c   1123d   1123e   1123f   1123g   1123h


11/28/2015 - Final Inspection, mask car in preparation for primer. 1128a    1128b    1128c    1128d    1128e    1128f    1128g    1128h    1128i


11/29/2015 - Shroud garage, clean car for priming, Prime car.  11/29a   11/29b   11/29c   11/29d   11/29e   11/29f


11/30/2015 - Results of Primer/Surfacer Coat.   1130a   1130b   1130c   1130d   1130e   1130f    1130g   1130h   1130i   1130j   1130k   1130l    1130m   1130n   1130o   1130p   1130q


12/1/2015 - Spot Putty applied. Guide coat applied.  1201a   1201b   1201c   1201d   1201e   1201f   1201g   1201h


12/5/2015 - Continue surface prep.  1205a   1205b   1205c   1205d


12/10/2015 - Sand Interior surfaces   1210a    1210b   1210c   1210d   1210e


12/13/2015 - Paint interior surfaces and front floor pan.   1213a   1213b   1213c   1213d   1213e   1213f   1213g   1213h   1213i


12/19/2015 - Begin fabrication of dimmer switch floor patch.   1219a   1219b   1219c


12/20/2015 - Finished floor patch(M).  Refinish front door-inside (V).  1220a   1220b   1220c   1220d   1220e


12/27/2015 - Re-masked. Applied Polyurethane satin to all interior surfaces (black)   1227a   1227b   1227c   1227d   1227e   1227f


12/30/2015 - Painted Ashtray door, removed PS Front Door to sand. Continued interior work.  1230a   1230b   1230c   1230d   1230e   1230f   1230g


1/5/2016 - Installed new dimmer switch patch. Sealed all pinholes and gaps in front floor pan.  Reinstalled PS rear door catch.   0105a   0105b   0105c   0105d   0105e   0105f


1/9/2016 - Finished putting undercoat on front floor. Began finishing of front seat base.   0109a   0109b   0109c


1/10/2016 - Put color coat on front seat surround. Sprayed rust-proofing inside front doors. Cleaned and treated dash cover. Touched up front floor coating.   0110a   0110b   0110c   0110d   0110e   0110f   0110g   0110h   0110i


1/11/2016 - Painted and clear coated Rear Seat Base.   0111a   0111b   0111c   0111d   0111e


1/16/2016 - Drilled holes in floor-pan and mounted under-seat heater.  0116a   0116b   0116c


1/17/2016 - Bolted front seat, continued internal rustproof on rear doors. Primed underside of hood. Cleaned steering wheel. 0117a   0117b   0117c   0117d   0117e   0117f


1/18/2016 - Continued rust removal and treatment of driver's side front door.   0118a   0118b   0118c


1/23/2016 - Sanding driver's side door jambs.  Found 1 quart Imron Polar White. Oops too brown. Will use gm Arctic White.  0123a   0123b   0123c   0123d   0123e


1/31/2016 - Completed masking and painted (imron) door interiors, door jambs, trunk jamb and under-hood . 0131a   0131b   0131c   0131d   0131e   0131f   0131g   0131h   0131i   0131j   0131k   0131l   0131m   0131n   0131o   0131p


2/1/2016 - Starting assembly of doors. Inspection of paint job.  0201a   0201b   0201c   0201d   0201e   0201f   0201g   0201h


2/6/2016 - Cleaned and repainted all door lock assemblies.  Cleaned and restored vinyl with black vinyl paint, dash, a/c, rear seat panels.  Additional views of upper interior trip and rear window surround.  0206a   0206b   0206c   0206d   0206e   0206f   0206g


2/8/2016 - Touched up ps rear door jamb. Re-hung and aligned front doors. Installed door lock assemblies.  0208a   0208b   0208c   0208d   0208e   0208f   0208g   0208h   0208i    0208j   0208k   0208l   0208m


2/13/2016 - Continued alignment of doors and re-assembly of window mechanisms. Stripped interior masking.  0213a   0213b   0213c   0213d   0213e   0213f   0213g


2/16/2016 - Installed PS Rear Window frame and mechanism. Began installation of replacement frame on DS Rear...difficult may have to use original frame  0216a   0216b


2/19/2016 - All glass now in and doors aligned.0219a   0219b


2/21/2016 - Finished assembling all doors. Cleaned and connected door switches. Cleaned data-plate. Re\colored Visors and Steering Column Trim Panel. 0221a   0221b   0221c   0221d   0221e   0221f   0221g   0221h   0221i   0221j   0221k


2/23/2016 - Finished painting silver pieces on visors and RV Mirror. Replaced broken turn signal switch,  Ordered headliner and carpet set.  Removed fuel line- Will replace with Stainless Steel.  Replaced lighter element.  Painted speaker housing.   0223a   0223b   0223c   0223d   0223e   0223f   0223g   0223h   0223i   0223j


2/29-3/2/2016 - Bending and forming stainless fuel line. Struggle to flare, gave up and used compression fittings.  Reinstalled on frame in preparation for stainless fuel tank install. 0229a   0229b  Installed new hazard light knob. Headliner ordered, new carpet set arrives (black).


3/7/2016 - Headliner arrives.  0307a


3/8/2016 - Wired speaker. Mini Instrument cluster plate painted. Prepare for install of thermo-coustic insulation on front floor. Traced sender wire for fuel gauge.  0308a   0308b   0308c


3/9/2016 - Recoated trunk interior.  Fished new sender wire. 0309a   0309b   0309c


3/10/2016 - New fuel sender arrives-Thanks Joe! 0310a   0310b


3/12/2016 - Begin placing insulation mat on front floor. Painted Jack and tire tools. Installed fuel level sender in new fuel tank.  0312a   0312b   0312c


3/13/2016 - Begin painting new headliner and clips.  Install new Stainless gas tank and skid plate. 0313a   0313b   0313c   0313d   0313e


3/15/2016 - Mounted mini 3 gauges to dash, replaced e-brake release handle. Painting on front and rear sections of headliner complete.  Soon to make patterns for kick panels.  0315a   0315b   0315c   0315d


3/16/2016 - Final mounting of SS Gas Tank. Installed anti-squeak, EEC hoses, fuel sender wiring and fuel line,  Installed trunk seal at filler inlet hose.   0316a   0316b   0316c


3/20/2016 - Finished floor heat/sound insulation install. Touched up gas tank skid plate. Fuel tank now completely installed. Installed front section of headliner. Cleaned holes on center section of headliner (tedious). 0320a   0320b   0320c   0320d


3/22/2016 - Installed rear headliner panel. Painted center section and began fitting it to car. Polished trim strips in preparation for final installation.  0322a   0322b   0322c


3/23/2016 - Installed front and rear headliner strips. 0323a   0323b   0323c   0323d


3/25/2016 - Headliner installation complete.  Installed gas pedal.  Prepared for installation and fabrication of kick panel cover (tolex). 0325a   0325b   0325c   0325d   0325e   0325f   0325g


3/26/2016 - Completed fabrication of Tolex® kick panel covers(2), installed w/ ps radio speaker.  Replaced DS rear wheel Tolex® cover.  0326a   0326b   0326c


4/1/2016 - Data plates in from Poland.  Tried to stretch DS Rear Tolex cover-No Luck. 0401a   0401b


4/3/2016 - Installed Under-seat heater switch in dash.  Re-installed DS rear wheel Tolex cover-success.  Block sanded primer on roof in preparation for topcoat.  Primer hard as nails.  0403a   0403b   0403c   0403d


4/5/2016 - Dropped off old A-11 door panels, 4 new panel sheet metal, 4 new backing boards and 4 new Aerobus door panels (fr & rear pic) at the upholsterer.  He will combine all the pieces so we have new inside door panels.  Should take 2 weeks.


4/6/2016 - Continue block sanding roof.


4/14/2016 - Block sanding trunk.  0414a   0414b   0414c


4/18/2016 - Finish blocking trunk. Block sand A pillar and begin blocking hood.  0418a   0418b   0418c


4/20/2016 - Finish blocking hood, cowl and A pillars. Block sanded Front inner fenders.  0420a   0420b   0420c   0420d


4/23/2016 - Block sanded front end and began blocking on DS Front fender. Picked up re-covered door panels.   0423a   0423b   0423c   0423d


4/26/2016 - Continue blocking front outer fenders (DS complete-begin PS)  0426a   0426b


4/28/2016 - Finished blocking both outer front fenders. 0428a   0428b   0428c


4/29/2016 - Block sanded front and rear passenger side doors. 0429a


5/1/2016 - Blocked PS rear quarter panel.  0501a   0501b   0501c


5/3/2016 - Block sanded PS rocker panel and DS rear quarter panel.  0503a   0503b


5/5/2016 - Block sanded DS rear quarter panel and DS front and rear doors.   0505a   0505b   0505c   0505d


5/9/2016 - Block sanded DS doors and rocker panel. Touched up trunk lid.  0509a   0509b   0509c   0509d   0509e


5/11/2016 - Positioned side view mirrors both front doors.  0511a   0511b


5/13/2016 - Spot prime bare spots and begin 320 sand. 0513a   0513b   0513c   0513d   0513e   0513f   0513g


5/15/2016 - 180 block sand complete, spot prime complete, 320 final sanding in progress.  Getting closer to the topcoat.   0515a   0515b   0515c   0515d   0515e   0515f   0515g   0515h


5/16/2016 - 320 sand nooks and crannies.   0516a


5/18/2016 - 320 sand more  0518a   0518b   0518c   0518d


5/20 & 5/22/2016 - 320 sand roof hood and trunk lid. 0523a   0523b   0523c   0523d   0523e   0523f


5/23/2016 - 320 sand in engine compartment.


5/25/2016 - Apply drip rail sealant to DS drip rail.   0525a   0525b   0525c   0525d


5/27/2016 - Apply drip rail sealant to PS drip rail.   0527a   0527b   0527c   0527d


5/28/2016 - Compressor down- Had to order new pump and motor 0626a


6/20/2016 - 7/12/16 - Continued final sanding and cleanup.  Final prep on headlight doors and rear splash shield. 0701a   0701b   0701c   Began masking. 0713a   0713b   0713c   0713d


7/17/16 - 07/18/16 - Masking!    0717a   0717b   0717c   0718a   0718b   0718c   0718d   0718e   0718f   0718g



 07/23/16 - Final mask for first pass topcoat-roof, hood, trunk, upper fenders, Mask garage.  No paint today-too much wind. 0723a   0723b   0723c   0723d   0723e   0723f   0723g   0723h   0723i   0723j   0723k   0723l   0723m


07/24/16 - First section topcoat.  0724a   0724b   0724c   0724d   0724e   0724f   0724g   0724h   0724i   0724j   0724k   0724l   0724m   0724n   0724o


07/26/16 - Second section topcoat-bigger tip more pressure at gun, no wind - on like glass. 0726   0726a   0726b   0726c   0726d   0726f   0726g   0726h   0726i   0726j    0726k   0726l   0726m   0726n   0726o


07/28/16 - After success of 7/26 we have decided to fix orange-peel on trunk. Sanding begins - Imron is hard stuff.  First pics of all white.  0728a   0728b   0728c   0728d   0728e   0728f   0728g   0728h


07/29/16 - More discussion and we decided to smooth both the roof and the trunk lid. Trunk lid sanded on 7/28. Roof done on 7/29. 0729a   0729b   0729c   0729d   0729e   0729f   0729g   0729h   0729i   0729j   0729k


07/31/16 - Recoat on trunk lid and roof. 0731a   0731b   0731c   0731d   0731e   0731f   0731g   0731h   0731i   0731j


08/01/16 - Removed all masking. Getting to be a car again. 0801a   0801b   0801c   0801d   0801e   0801f   0801g   0801h   0801i   0801j   0801k   0801l   0801m 


08/05/16 - Installed weather strip and top trim to DS Rear Fender. Realigned doors. 0805a


08/07/16 - Installed weather strip and top trim to PS Rear Fender. Realigned doors.


Installed marker lights and tail lights. Installed back-up lights. 0807a   0807b   0807c   0807d   0807e   0807f   0807g


08/09/16 - Installed Reverse Lights, License Plate Light and hardware. Refurbished gas tank inlet. Installed marker light gaskets. 0809a   0809b   0809c   0809d


08/11/16 - Installed gas filler tube (major battle), began installing and fitting door handles. Polished grille and removed tow bar brackets on front. Re-fit PS tail light. 0811a   0811b   0811c   0811d


08/12/16 - Installed all door handles and gaskets. Installed fuel tag on rear panel. Installed rear valence and began work on PSF vent window and seal.  0812a   0812b   0812c   0812d   0812e


08/14/16 & 8/15/16 - Bought new buffing machine. Cleaned and polished side moldings, cleaned molding clips. Replaced DS vent window glass,  Installed vent window and new rubber on DS.  Began replacement of vent window rubber on PS.   0815a   0815b   0815c   0815d


08/17/16 & 8/18/16 - Cleaned oxidation off of 1st sill plate (steel wool). Installed DS Door Lock and gasket.   Disassembled DS Vent assy. Waiting for rivets, tool, and glass setting tape.  Disassembled PS Vent window rubber. Rivets arrive tomorrow. Setting tool on Tuesday.  Took close-up photo of trunk lock cylinder and gasket.  Cleaned overspray on windows with steel wool.   0818a   0818b   0818c   0818d   0818e   0818f


08/23/16 - Installed hubcaps, continued work on vent rubber, door glass and sill plates.   0823a   0823b   0823c   0823d   0823e




08/24/16 - Rivet tool arrives (tool for setting tubular rivets on aircraft brakes). Now abstle to install weather seal on vent window divider bar- 4 rivets 5/32 X 5/32 same as Chevrolet. Installed lower track on PSF window, Install vent window and new setting tape. Installed PS rear view mirror.  0824a   0824b   0824c


08/25/16 - Milestone! The hardest part to locate- vent window weather strips- is now completely in place. Vent windows all in and windows functioning as they should.  DS rear view mirror installed and DS door lock in its place with a new gasket.  Luggage rack and luggage rack roof rails cleaned and ready to install.   0825a   0825b   0825c   0825d   0825e


08/26/16 - Installed PS and DS side moldings. Began installation of roof rack strips and roof rack frame. 0826a   0826b   0826c   0826d


08/27/16 - Removed roof rack frame, rotated 180 degrees and re-installed. Feet of rack now seat properly. Whew!  0827a   0827b   0827c  


08/29/16 - Rats... Roof rack not exactly right. One mounting hole is off by 1/8". Time for problem solving.  Installed trunk weather-strip.  0829a   0829b   0829c


09/01/16 - Continuing work on fitting the roof rack. Getting close now. Have moved one hole on PSR and fitted mounting pads to the curved top. Had to remove headliner panels to re-bolt all corners using a nut and washer instead of the rubber compression nuts. Installation is stronger and all supports are now pulling in tight against the roof. Great job Victor!   0901a   0901b   0901c   0901d


09/11/16 - Cleaned wrong weather-strip off trunk, ordered new ones. Began work on front fenders. Positioned both and installed fender chrome strips.  Cleaned and painted hood latch and fender supports. Installed radio antenna.   0911a   0911b   0911c   0911d   0911e   0911f   0911g


09/12/16 - Assembled hood latch-ready to install.  Installed front fender braces. Aligned and tightened fenders. Aligned and tightened front bumper filler panel.   0912a   0912b   0912c   0912d   0912e   0912f   0912g


09/14/16 - Difficult locating A/C Dryer.  Found one in Reno Thanks Vicman. Installed dryer, condenser and electric cooling fan.  Installed radiator support seal (top).  Cleaned and painted spare fender support.  0914a   0914b   0914c   0914d


9/15/16 - Installed new trunk weather strip- 1959-51 Ford. Trunk Lid Seal Item # 8A-7043720 Installed hood name badge. Starting to fit hood insulation.  0915a   0915b   0915c


9/18/16 - Installed hood insulation, rubber hood bumpers, headlight rings and front turn signals. Removed cowl weather strip.  0918a   0918b   0918c   0918d   0918e


9/21/16 - Straightened fins on radiator and condenser. Masked and painted both and radiator support. Began prepping grille for installation.  0921a   0921b   0921c


9/23/16 - Installed old grille-not the best condition. Began installation of rear bumper- off by 1/2 inch. One bracket damaged from rear end collision. Disassembled and began straightening process. May have to replace one bracket.  0923a   0923b


9/26/16 - Installed re-plated grille. Touched up paint dings. Installed us made radio antenna.   0926a   0926b   0926c   0926d   0926e


9/28/16 - 9/30/16 - Installed windshield wiper bezel, hooked up washer  nozzles.  Installed cowl weather strip. Began sealing interior of doors.   0930a   0930b   0930c   0930d   0930e


10/01/16 - Took pictures of remaining doors sealed last night. Installed new wiper refills on metal wiper arms. 1001a   1001b   1001c   1001d


10/03/16 - Removed roof rack strip to replace seal but new one won't fit.  Back to the drawing board.  Install PS Inner Fender Gravel Shield.  1003a   1003b


10/06/16 - Installed DS Front Inner Fender Mud Shield   1006a


10/07/16 - Seat covers arrive from Lebaron Bonney. Removed old covers on rear seats.  1007a


10/08/16 - Installed PS front and rear interior door panels.  1008a   1008b   1008c   1008d


10/09/16 - Began install of seat cover on rear cushion.  Crippled fingers now a real handicap.  Got the cover on but seam  isn't straight. Will look, into having a pro do it.  1009a   1009b   1009c


10/10/16 - Dropped off rear cushions at upholstery shop in El Sobrante.


10/12/16 - Successful in removing front seat assembly from car.  Carried cushion to truck with no problem but the seat assembly was something else. It was really cumbersome and with only small clearance on the side of the car, a risky endeavor. Hoisted it overhead and almost made it out of the garage when the back spasmed and one end dropped scratching the perfect front fender. Ouch and ouch.  Took remaining pieces and covers to upholstery shop. 1012a   1012b   1012c


10/12/16 - Installed drivers side rear inner door panel.   1012d


10/13/16 - Begin repair on fender scratch. Begin fitting drivers front door panel.  1013a   1013b


10/16/16 - Continued repair on front fender scratch and rocker panel scratch.  Finished installing drivers front door panel and seal. Installed front door rubber bumpers. Cleaned and painted door bolt plugs. Installed tire data plate on "A" pillar.   1016a   1016b   1016c   1016d   1016e   1016f   1016g


10/17/16 - Picked up cushions from upholstery shop. Back ones were great.  They'll rework the front seat. Continued working on front fender scratch repair. Installed front rubber seals of front doors. Installed bolt plugs on doors.  1017a   1017b   1017c   1017d   1017e   1017f   1017g   1017h   1017i   1017j


10/21/16 - Picked up front seat at upholsterers.  1021a   1021b


10/22/16 - Installed rear door bumpers.  1022a   1022b


10/23-24/16 - Reworked roof slats for luggage rack. Installed new insulators.  Wiring progress on rear a/c and under-seat heater   1023a   1023b   1024a   1024b   1024c   1024d   1024e   1024f   1024g   1024h


10/25/16 - Begin install of rubber front mat.  Progress pics.  1025a   1025b   1025c   1025d   1025e   1025f   1025g   1025h   1025i


10/30/16 - Begin install of front carpet. Remove rear jump seats in preparation for install of rear carpet.  1030a   1030b   1030c


11/3/16 - Cut and fit ford truck front rubber floor mat to fit. Install carpet padding. Cut and fit front carpet around dimmer switch accelerator area. 1103a


11/5&6/16 - Continue carpet install. Rear pad and carpet fitted.  PSF sill plate in. PSF windlace in.  Front seat brackets installed.  1106a   1106b   1106c   1106d   1106e


11/7/16 - Trimmed and covered rear seat shelf. Began installation.  Bolted down front seat support brackets. Installed Front door aluminum sill plates. 1107a   1107b   1107c   1107d   1107e   1107f   1107g


11/9/16 - Carpet install almost complete. Only jump seats and seatbelts left. 1109a   1109b   1109c   1109d   1109e   1109f   1109g   1109h   1109i   1109j


11/13/16 - Disassembled jump seat. Removed paint and rust. Repainted with Rust Encapsulator® and hammer finish. Installed auxiliary tail lights on rear shelf.  1113a   1113b   1113c   1113d   1113e


11/14/16 - Disassembled 2nd jump seat. Cleaned and de-rusted. Repainted with Rust Encapsulator® and hammer finish.1114a   1114b


11/17/16 - Clear coated with 2 part clear on jump seats.  Installed gravel shields on rear fenders.  1117a   1117b   1117c   1117d


11/18/16 - Wired in auxiliary tail lights. Installed rear trunk divider. Installed rear seat back and cushion.  Washed and scrubbed front seat belts. Installed front seatback and frame. Installed jump seats and re-installed rear sill plates.  1118a   1118b   1118c   1118d   1118e   1118f   1118g   1118h   1118i   1118j   1118k


11/28/16 - Installed front seat belts and front seat cushion. 1128a   1128b   1128c   1128d   1128e   1128f   1128g


12/11/16 - Removed trunk lid in preparation for re-gluing weather-strip.  Heated and re-bent rear bumper bracket.  Re-painted with Rust Encapsulator®.  1211a   1211b   1211c   1211d   1211e   1211f   1211g   1211h


12/13/16 - Installed sill plate weather-strip  at all 4 doors. Removed all old weather-strip adhesive from trunk lid. Painted rear bumper brackets with Chassis Black.  1213a   1213b   1213c   1213d   1213e   1213f   1213g


12/14/16 - Did final straightening of bumper bracket on hydraulic press. Installed both rear bumper brackets on rear cross-member and frame.  1214a   1214b   1214c   1214d


12/15/16 - Dual setback: 22 year old weather-strip adhesive bubbles paint on trunk application. Only solution is to remove bubbled paint and re-paint and start over again. Second setback- rear bumper appears sprung- impossible to center. Attempted to resolve issue by reversing bumper brackets but on comparing existing bumper to re-chromed spare it became obvious that the ends of the original were 1" wider. Yikes! Will install re-chromed spare. 1215a   1215b   1215c   1215d   1215e


12/16-17/16 - Ordeal... Disassembled old rear bumper.  Reassembled new bumper. Bumper guard on driver's side didn't fit exactly.  By the time it was assembled there were two deep scratches in the bumper.  Will try to rust proof them as they went through the chrome.  Damn!  1217a   1217b   1217c   1217d


12/19/16 - Primed and touched up weather-strip areas on trunk lid. 1221a   1221b   1221c   1221d   1221e


12/28/16 - Glued on weather strip to trunk lid. Installed and adjusted rear bumper.  1228a   1228b   1228c   1228d   1228e   1228f


12/30/16 - Stripped and painted jump seat back.  Installed trunk lid with new weather-strip.  1230a   1230b   1230c


1/9/17 - Removed rear bumper. Elongated holes on bracket, re-installed. Glued first jump seat back to metal back-clamped.  0109a   0109b   0109c


1/13/17 - Jump Seats complete.  Re-aligned rear bumper. 0113a   0113b   0113c


1/25/17 - Installed hoses to auxiliary heater (under-seat)  0125a   0125b   0125c   0125d   0125e   0125f


1/24-26/17 - Removed rear bumper, installed new reinforcements. Elongated adjustment holes. Replaced with original bumper and guards. 0126a   0126b   0126c


1/31/17 - Cleaned Garage and put away spare parts.


2/1/17 - Begin installation of exhaust system.  0201a   0201b   0201c


2/4-2/5/17 - Installed all pipes and hangers.  Installed stainless bolts in rear bumper. 0205aa   0205ab   0205ac   0205ad   0205e   0205f   0205g   0205h   0205i   0205j    0205k   0205p   0205q   0205s   0205t   0205u   0205v   0205w   0205x   0205y   Exterior shots   0205a   0205b   0205c   0205l   0205m   0205n   0205o   Under shots  0205d   0205z


2/12/17 - Installed and wired new kick-down switch. Connected starter wires. Bled master cylinder.


2/21/17 - Installed new speedometer cable.  Continued connecting wiring.


2/24/17 - Begin re-route of vacuum lime to kick-down modulator.


3/2/17 - Wiring connections in engine bay.


3/6/17 - Begin work to gain battery clearance-inner fender.


3/15/17 - Battery hold down construction and final hose hookups. Auxiliary cooling fan wiring begins.


3/19/17 - Completed wiring of alternator, hoses connected. Aux Cooling relay mounted. Engine cranks over.  Getting closer. 0321a   0321b   0321c   0321d   0321e   0321f   0321g   0321h   0321i


3/21/17 - Wired in aux. cooling fan. 0322a   0322b   0322c


3/23/17 - Wired in radio, Connected oil pressure gauge.


3/27/17 - Connected fog light switch, radio power and antenna, auxiliary heater switch. Routed and insulated under-hood wiring (partial).


3/31/17 - Mounted fog light relay. Connected fog light switch wiring. Mounted voltmeter.


4/2/17 - Routed power, switch and ground wires for fog light relay. Bled all four wheels in brake system. Solved battery clearance issues by reshaping bracket and grinding compressor mount. Installed two new battery cables. Country/City horn is next.  0402a   0402b   0402c   0402d   0402e   0402f   0402g   0402h   0402i   0402j


4/3/17 - Mounted 2 new relays for Town/Country horns. Made up wiring and connected all units under the hood. Last part is selector switch on dash. Waiting for enclosure.  0403a   0403b   0403c   0403d


4/4/17 - Wired in voltmeter. Begin wire ID under dash.


4/14/17 - Installed radiator over-flow container. 0414a   0414b   0414c   0414d


4/19/17 - Mounted windshield washer on inner fender.  Repaired speedometer cable connection on transmission. Re-routed antenna cable under dash and repaired speaker wire.  0419a   0419b   0419c   0419d


4/20-30/17 - Reworked wiring diagrams and researched transmission data plate for re-manufacture. Pictures of damaged plate from transmission and new artwork.   0430a   0430b


5/17/17 - Data plate finished. Next step is to stamp the serial numbers. 0517a


6/20/17 - Data plate delivered from Horne Dataplates in Poland.  0620a


6/21/17 - Data plate installed on BW Automatic transmission. 0621a   0621b   0621c


1/15/20 - Assess work necessary to install hoses to front and rear a/c.   0115a   0115b   0115c   0115d   0115e   0115f   0115g   0115h   0115i   0115j   0115k


5/12/20 - Gave up on assistance-Repositioned bulkhead connector by rear AC unit.  0512a   0512b   0512c   0512d   0512e


5/24/20 - Begin on side frame hose routing, body outrigger adaptation. Cut holes, cut tubing. Order fittings.   0524a   0524b   0524c   0524d   0524e   0524f   0524g   0524h   0524i


5/25/20 - Brazed in tubing to outrigger   0525a   0525b   0525c


5/26/20 - Finished brazing   0526a   0526b   0526c   0526d   0526e   0526f   0526g


5/27/20 - Paint frame-Begin hose routing   0527a   0527b   0527c   0527d   0527e   0527f   0527g   0527h


5/28/20 - Install hose clamps to frame rail    0528a   0528b   0528c   0528d   0528e   0528f


6/07/20 - Cut hose, fit  bead lock fittings. Marked orientation with paint dot.  0607a   0607b   0607c   0607d   0607e   0607f   0607g   0607h   0607i   0607j   0607k   0607l   0607m   0607n   0607o   0607p   0607q   0607r   0607s


6/16/20 - Hydraulic hose crimper delivered.


6/18/20 - O rings delivered, Crimped all hose fittings a replaced o rings.  Ordered rebuilt compressor. 0618a   0618b   0618c   0618d   0618e   0618f   0618g   0618h   0618i   0618j   0618k   0618l


6/30/20 - Installed wiring and relay for compressor clutch and pressure switch.   0630a   0630b   0630c   0630d   0630e   0630f   0630g   0630h   0630i


7/4/20 -   Repositioned relay to avoid contact with hood hinge.   0704a   0704b   0704c   0704d   0704e


7/6/20 -   Made up front evaporator hose connections   0706a   0706b   0706c   0706d   0706e   0706f


7/8/20 -   Dash wiring. Repositioned aux. gauges. Repaired defective connections. Tracked down any stray circuits.   0708a   0708b   0708c   0708d   0708e   0708f


7/12/20 - Mount front evaporator to dash. Begin connections at tee in engine compartment. Awaiting arrival of last fitting.  0712a   0712b   0712c   0712d   0712e


7/14/20 - Installed new gauge set. Repositioned wires through firewall (2 hour job for wires, yikes)   0714a   0714b   0714c   0714d


7/15/20 - Gauge lights wired in. Front Evaporator ground locked in.


7/16/20 - Two stray wires left.  Found where the red one attached (glove-box light). Leveled front evaporator.  Last errant wire under dash-#60 dk. blue supposed to connect to key warning switch. Searching for that. Next step is the rear ac wiring and lights in trunk area and the last front hose connection.


7/19/20 - Worked on rear unit switches. Will use 2-7014 Cole-Hersee® units, one for each side. Other switch was used in old dash. (aerobus)  0719a   0719b   0719c   0719d


7/21/20 - Repaired blower motor wiring and started clean-up of old repairs. 0721a   0721b   0721c   0721d   0721e   0721f   0721g   0721h   0721i   0721j   0721k   0721l


7/22/20 - Installed last hose fitting #6 at tee. All hose work now complete. Reinstalled coolant overflow tank.  0722a   0722b   0722c


7/25/20 - Completed wiring design for rear blower motors. Relays, wire and pigtails ordered. Circuit breakers have arrived. Mounting plate ready for paint.  0725a   0725b


7/26/20 - Fished Relay to switch wires under carpet. Began routing wires to their destination (switches in parcel shelf, relays on inner fender), Repaired wiring to courtesy reading lights.  0726a   0726b


7/27/20 - Continued blower motor wiring. Ran wire from passenger compartment to rear air conditioner cabinet.  Painted relay mounting plate.   0727a   0727b   0727c   0727d   0727e   0727f   0727g   0727h   0727i   0727j


7/28-29/20 - Added extensions to blower switch feed at firewall. Connected extensions from pressure switch to relay wire for both blower relays. Ran relay power feed wires from starter solenoid. Added standoffs to relay plate 0729a   0729b   0729c   0729d   0729e   0729f   0729g   0729h


7/30/20 - Paired power wires from solenoid. Mounted on firewall and added loom.  Added loom for blower motor feed wires (blue). Cleaned up passenger aux. turn signal wires and rerouted wiring. 0730a   0730b   0730c   0730d


7/31/20 - Mounted relays and circuit breakers to mounting plate. Connected wires. Next step is putting plate on inner fender and making the final connections Its been a long road.  0731a   0731b   0731c


8/1/20 - Mounted relay plate to inner fender. It fits. 0801a   0801b   0801c   0801d   0801e


8/2/20 - Connected all wires to blower motor relays. 0802a   0802b


8/3-4/20 - Completed pigtail adaptation on PS Blower motor. Sealed harness entry on motors. Completed cleanup on aux. turn signal wiring. Removed wiring entry on side of housing and sealed. Refastened housing to body. Installed new filter and sealed old switch holes.  0804a   0804b   0804c   0804d   0804e   0804f


8/5/20 - Connected all wires to driver's side blower switch. Mounted switch through square hole in housing and fabricated upper mounting plate and riveted in place.   0805a   0805b   0805c   0805d   0805e   0805f   0805g


8/6/20 - Connected all wires to passenger side blower switch. Mounted switch through square hole in housing, fabricated upper mounting plate. Screwed and riveted plate in position.  Made final electrical connection-ground wire. All wiring now complete.  0806a   0806b   0806c   0806d   0806e


8/7/20 - Mounted switches through package shelf. Installed auxiliary turn signals. Installed back seat.   0807a   0807b   0807c


8/8/20 - Finished ductwork on blower vents.   0808a


8/9/20 - Fabricated and installed plywood air intake spacer.   0809a


8/10/20 - Trimmed air intake and attached bezel.  Installation is complete.  0810a   0810b


8/11/20 - Cleaned all work debris and closed up Cabinet. Project complete/  0811a


9/1-13/20 - Repaired air manifold, installed 6- M7X1 studs. Remade smog pump.


9/15/20 - Restored exterior of DV smog pump. Greased rear bearing.  0915a  0915b   0915c


9/16/20 - Installed DV smog pump/ 0916a   0916b   0916c