from Tony's good friend Nikki


Every year a little village in the country would have a fair.  There were contests of strength, cooking, wit, and every other kind of contest these sorts of fairs normally have.  This year in particular, a young man declared he wanted a contest to see who had the most beautiful heart.  He showed everyone his perfect, pristine heart, and everyone agreed he must in fact have the most beautiful heart they'd ever seen.  Then an old man made his way to the front, and said that he believed he had the most beautiful heart. 
The young man laughed and told the old man he must be crazy.  "Your heart is patched and torn, and even has bits missing!  How could you think it's more beautiful than mine?" 
To this the old man replied, "These patches and tears are from each person I've loved.  Where I have given a piece of mine to them and they've given a piece in return.  And the missing bits are where I've loved, but it was not returned in kind.  So though it doesn't match, and it may not look as beautiful as yours, I think it's the most beautiful heart because of love."
At that, the young man thought a moment, took a piece of his own heart and handed it to the old man. Saying that indeed, love truly does make for a more beautiful heart.



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