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painter, illustrator, writer, lecturer

born: Buffalo, NY- 1884

died : 1955

He attended Washington University in Saint Louis, the Art Student's League in New York, and also studied abroad.  His father was a critic on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and his mother was an artist and musician.  He was active in the Boy Scouts and wrote several of their Merit Badge pamphlets.  He taught art and was "Artist in Residence" at Missouri Valley College  in Marshall, Missouri., He illustrated H. McCracken's Great White Buffalo (Lippincott, 1946).

(taken from "Who's who in American Art")


Remington Schuyler

(1884-1955) was born July 8,1884, in Buffalo, New York, but he grew up in the mid-West. He was an expert on Native American lore, lecturing, painting and writing extensively on the subject. Schuyler was related through his mother to Frederic Remington studied engineering and art at Washington University in St. Louis. It is not clear just when he studied with Howard Pyle - whether it was before or after he attended the Art Students League in New York, but it would seem likely that it was about 1907 or 1908. He also studied in Paris at the Academie Julian and in Rome. Schuyler did illustrations for Boy's Life and the Boy Scout handbook as part of his thirty years service as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts, serving in volunteer roles from Scout Master to Vice President of Council. He also wrote some of the Scouting merit badge requirements. He also was active as a mural painter and was editor of the Architectural Record for a period. He illustrated many books, including Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout by Stewart Edward White, Indian Hunting Grounds and Great White Buffalo. Other illustrations were published in Life, St. Nicholas and The Century Magazine. Resourceful and self-reliant during the Depression years, he painted many covers for pulp magazines, did some WPA murals and sometimes bartered his paintings for haircuts, meals and dental work. In addition to his illustrating and artwork, he was active in local theater in Pelham Manor, NY and Westport, CT. He taught art in several cities and was the artist-in-residence and an associate professor of art at Missouri Valley College in Marshall Missouri for six years. He died October 18, 1955.


This biography from the Archives of AskART:

Known for his "pulp illustrations," he did illustrations for "Boy's Life" and the Boy Scout handbook as part of his thirty-year service as a Boy Scout volunteer. He was a mural painter and editor of "Architectural Record," and he was the artist-in-residence and associate professor of art at Missouri Valley College for six years.

He was Born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in the Midwest. He studied engineering and art at Washington University in St. Louis and studied in Paris and Rome at the Art Students League in New York and with Howard Pyle.

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