July 1925 - December 1970
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"Tales of a Master Mechanic"

by Martin Bunn

published by Popular Science Publishing Company -1972

Table of Contents

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  1. Gus Turns a Knock into a Boost

  2. Gus Gets Caught in a Crossfire

  3. Gus Puts A Stop to Swap

  4. Gus Gets the Show on the Road

  5. Gus Cracks A Case for the Cops

  6. Gus Runs Into An Odd Customer

  7. Gus Rescues a Do-It-Yourselfer

  8. Gus Helps Santa Get Going

  9. Gus Meets the Friday Night Bandit

  10. Gus Saves a Friend from a Snow Job

  11. Gus Gives the Teacher a Passing Grade

  12. Gus Settles A Case Out of Court

  13. Gus Teaches an Old Car New Tricks

  14. The Best of a Bad Bargain

  15. Gus Tracks Down a Cold Clue

  16. Gus Goes for Double or Nothing

  17. Gus Cools Off a Hothead

  18. The Engine That Wouldn't Stop

  19. Brakes on a Wheeler-Dealer                               

  20. Gus Keeps a Two-Car Family Rolling          

  21. Gus Makes A Guest Appearance

  22. Gus Gets Off on the Wrong Foot

  23. Gus Tunes an Offbeat Combo

  24. Gus Disagrees with a Diagnosis

  25. The Car That Stopped on Signal

  26. Gus Takes a Busman's Holiday

  27. The Case of the Now-and Then Brakes

  28. Gus Tags a Mysterious Click

  29. Gus Throws Cold Water on a Problem

  30. Gus Gives a Hand to the Poker Players

  31. Gus Meets a Suspicious Character

  32. Gus Gives the Teacher a Lesson

  33. Gus and the Case of the Car that Chirped

  34. Gus Has a Trick Up His Sleeve

  35. Gus Cools Off a Double Boiler

  36. Gus Goes for a Little Spin

  37. A Bet With the Chief Mechanic

  38. Gus Argues with the Brass

  39. Gus Gives an Old Car a Lift

  40. Gus Discovers a Mileage Ingredient

  41. The Case of the Councilman's Car

  42. Gus and the Backward Battery

  43. Gus Cures a Case of the Shakes

  44. Gus Heals a High-Test Headache

  45. Gus Takes the Worry Out of a Warranty

  46. Gus Pays Off an Old Debt

  47. Gus Chalks One Up for the Model Garage


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