July 1925 - December 1970
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Ray's Waterbury Studio Gallery

Jim was gracious enough to share some photos of Ray at his studio.  Ray was closing up shop and would soon make his residence in a retirement community. Notice the many examples of Ray's work.

This is an excerpt from Jim's e-mail:

Hi Mike, 

  Ray was also a member of the Society of Creative Arts in Newtown, Ct. as I was. If I recall correctly meetings were held once a month at the Newtown High School Library.. I met Ray back in 1984 at one of those meetings.. I  believe Ray was living in Wilton or Westport at that time and was having a hard time driving/seeing at night. Many artists came from the lower Fairfield County Area (Fairfield, Trumbull, Westport, etc.) and after Ray had difficulty driving someone would always be sure to give him a ride as he so enjoyed seeing everyone.. 

  Several times after the meetings in Newtown we would stop at the Newtown Inn just off Route 25 in Newtown for a drink afterwards. Fun time always..lots of laughs! 

  I attended a get together in Westport back in the mid 1990's to honor Ray (I believe it was for the Famous Artist School that Ray was involved in for many years) with a great turnout! Ray could not drive at that time so Carole and I picked up Ray (in Waterbury, Ct), and drove him to Westport for his award...

   Great times every time I saw Ray... He had a quick dry humor as do I (but I am a little slower)..   



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